Exclusive: What Is Leadership?

Posted on December 30, 2009 in Society

What is leadership? Leadership is a value, a skill that the 21st century youth has been perusing rigorously. It is a belief that if a person posses leadership, he or she can strive for excellence and be a leader in both personal and professional sphere.

But what does the youth think? Our correspondent Moumita Pramanik interviewed 10 youngsters to know what they thought about leadership and what it meant to them. Read on as the 10 youngsters give interesting and thought provoking answers.

“Leadership is a quality which a good leader must posses along with good communication. Lines of communication to the leader must always be open.”Rajayshree Battacharya.

Another youngster, Rajdeep Roy feels, “Leadership is nothing but an internal expression which gives a person the power to get delivered an expected goal from a group among whom the task has been distributed. It is a mixture of attitude, self-confidence and power to respect others.”

Pulloma Mitra gave the precise and apt definition of leadership as “Leadership is a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of common task.”

Abir Bose, another young college going student feels that “Leadership is not just about reaching but also setting the agenda, identifying problems and initiating change that makes for substantive improvement.”

Madhuparna Pain’s is comment that “Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary to happen. made us realize that the youth does not want leadership only in the corporate setup but also in other areas of the society.

“Leadership means leading people with proper aspect, maintaining rules and regulation and discipline to achieve a proper success.” feels Madhurima Sarkar.

“Leadership is a quality which very person doesn’t possess. Leadership is about punctuality, maintaining patience even in hard situations and an ability to deal with people at all levels.” defines Susmita Ghosh.

“Teamwork and communication skills are vital in leadership,” says Riddhi Mukerjee enlisting the two main characteristics of leadership.

“Leadership according to me is a quality, a blend of strength, motivation and patience to deal with things and to regulate and execute them in a smooth way.” explained Satabdi Mitra

These young minds and their definitions of leadership surely tells us that leadership is a strong quality that every youngster must possess to excel in whatever he/she does.

In short, leadership is an aspect of positivity. The quality which every leader should possess to run an organization or a country, or any kind of a formal or informal setup. Knowledge, the ability to learn from people at all levels and make them learn, good listening and communication, power to send the intended messages across the group or mass effectively, is what leadership revolves around.

So what do you think? What does leadership mean to you? Let us know in the comment form below or mail us at info@youthkiawaaz.com Or tweet us at @YouthKiAwaaz.

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