Movie Review: "Avatar" The Best Movie 2009

Posted on December 25, 2009

Anshul Tewari:

After a lot of recommendations, I finally went to watch Avatar. From the time I saw it’s very first trailer I had guessed it would be another alien movie. But it was not a movie.

As my friend Pratyush rightly said, it is an experience. A movie that talks about the early 2050’s, Avatar brings forth the best combination of emotion, story, love, romance, animation and probably the best action.


The film begins in the year 2154 and focuses on Pandora, an inhabited Earth-sized moon of Polyphemus, one of the three fictional gas giants orbiting Alpha Centauri A. Humans are engaged in mining Pandora’s reserves of a precious mineral, while the na’vi – the sapient race of humanoids indigenous to the moon – resist the colonists’ expansion, which threatens the continued existence of the na’vi and the destruction of the Pandoran ecosystem. The film’s title refers to the remotely controlled, genetically engineered human-na’vi bodies used by the film’s human characters to interact with the natives.

Corporal Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a disabled Marine who becomes part of the Avatar Program goes on to help the team of scientists in their research of the na’vi. The journey begins when he loses his way to his shipment and meets Neytiri, princess of the Omaticaya, the na’vi clan. And how during the course of his journey he ends up fighting for Pandora as their leader. (Will not disclose more)

The movie successfully binds and engages the viewer at every step and makes sure that the viewer receives an experience of a lifetime. The acting is awesome and the animation is even better. The way the movie creates a feeling of liveliness in Pandora is breathtaking.

All the species shown as a part of Pandora have been articulated well.

The movie has a special message that how the people of Pandora rely on their ecology, their environment, trees and related things that the human race has probably neglected in its desperation for modernization.

The movie is by far the best movie of 2009 which has been successful is every sphere of film making.

For me it’s a big  5/5 for AVATAR. A must see for everyone. Need I say more?


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