Rahul Gandhi: A Youth Icon and an Inspiration

Posted on December 14, 2009 in Politics, Society

Kumar Ankit finds out why Rahul Gandhi is fit to be the youth icon and why he is the next big thing.

India is one of the world`s youngest democracy with more than 60% of its population between the age group of 18-45 years. With majority of population in its younger years, India is boozing with confidence and zeal and in coming years is ready to leave an impact on the world politics.

Modern day youth have been shaped by a variety of historical forces. These forces are worth taking a second look at, since the Indian youth will have a big impact on the future affairs of the entire world. India during the past six decades has seen many parties, many ideologies, many shining visions, and great leaders.

As our democracy strengthened, it gave rise to many big and small political entities. Congress, the people`s party, went through many ups and downs, it metamorphosed itself from where it started. As the people got empowerment, they flexed their powers and as a result many regional players came into existence with local flavors and demands; and this gave vent to many youth leaders who emerged on the national platform.

Over the years India saw many great leaders such as Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and others, who with their unwavering commitments, boldness, and with inspiring leadership helped the nation`s youth to move in the right direction. Now at this point of juncture, India is looking forward to Rahul Gandhi, popularly known as `RG` for instilling confidence in the youth and being the motivational factor who can set standards for them.

Rahul Gandhi has proved his mettle in the recent general elections by almost single-handedly winning more than 20 seats in Uttar Pradesh and an overall of 204 seats in the Lok Sabha. His decision to go alone in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh proved to be very effective. Personal monitoring of the candidates who were chosen to contest the elections from these important states has been a fairly new kind of step taken by any leader of his party. Rahul, a believer of secular politics appears to have come of age by waging a physiological warfare against B.J.P during the elections by giving a statement that “ NDA exists only in the mind of the Bharatiya Janta Party” and at the same time he tried to win over the confidence of the greats of Nitish Kumar, Jayalalita, Navin Patnaik and Mamta Banerjee by praising their works in their respective states.

He brought the issues of massacre of Muslims in Modi ruled Gujarat, killing of Christians in Kandhamal, problems faced by the Dalit community etc. Though sometimes he sounded like a new entrant but all this also comes with a freshness. He gives us a ray of hope that he can be the change which India wants or I should say a hope that India needs. He is a leader who is not afraid to call a spade a spade even if it brings negative results for his own party.

He appointed Sam Pitroda, the man behind telecommunication revolution in Prime Minister’s office with a rank of cabinet minister. He was the man who elected Ashok Chavan as the CM of Maharashtra. His young image favoured Chavan. In spite of Congress men and industrial lobby being in the favor of Deshmukh. He conducted youth congress elections for the very first time in Punjab. He has chosen Punjab as his practical laboratory and the reason is that youth consists of 50% of the vote bank in Punjab and he wants youth to come forward and that’s why he preferred youth over experienced campaigners. He has started to build his cadre in Tamil Nadu where he is making efforts to give a new lease of life by injecting the youth wherever possible.

In all these states one thing is common that RG wants the youth to participate in politics and that’s why he is using all methods to bring them on the horizon. That is probably the main reason why the Gen X sees him as their idol and inspiration.

Over the years he has gained maturity and confidence to take on the opposition party and the media industry. In the coming years the country will see Rahul as an aggressive but a development oriented young leader who wants to bring the change with the help of the younger generation.

Good news for the youth is that as the writing on wall predicts, it would be Rahul Gandhi who will call the shots and his stamp would be needed in all the major decisions of the Congress party, so, the youth will get a major say in country’s politics.

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