Technology Trends in 2010

Posted on December 30, 2009 in Sci-Tech

Rayeesa Tabassum:

2009 brought forward some of the best innovations in technology. From the Amazon Kindle to the Motorolla Droid, most of the latest technologies made us crave for more. There is always scope in technology. There is no such thing as a “saturation level” in the field of technology. We have seen some breakthroughs in 2009. 2010 promises more for India…

1. Release of movies in Flash drives and Memory cards: We have already seen music being released in this format. Movies are coming in and are expected to pour in a big way in 2010. Flash movies will also enable movie watching on small screens as a big trend.

2. Mobile phones with additional and creatively placed memory slots to accommodate movie MMCs may also be developed. These memory cards will act as CD’s and the slots as CD drives.

3. Podcasts: Podcasting is already popular in other countries ,but India is yet to catch up. I predict that podcasting in India will take a new turn this year with more and more bloggers realizing the need and demand for podcasts.

4. m-books: m-books are the next big thing. With simple and free cell phone applications like Mobi Pocket Reader(Symbian) and ReadManiac(Java), and easy availability of free and almost all types of e-books online, more and more people are going to take up reading on their phones.

5. E-Book Readers: Release of Kindle has set a great trend. This trend of developing and introducing sleeker, faster, cheaper e-book readers is going to storm markets next year as competition for the Kindle is bound to grow as soon as it hits markets.

6. Orkut groups, Facebook groups, what next? SMS groups. Google SMS groups or our own Indian SMS Gupshup have great potential only if they don’t apply restriction on the number of SMSs to be received on your phone everyday. We might also have twitter groups (as twitter lists are already out).

7. SMS Advertising, SMS banking, SMS commerce; everything will go SMS this year. Free SMS websites/wapsites, especially that allow sending SMS to international numbers will rule 2010. Even though SMS banking and financing has emerged, but 2010 might just be a shot in the hand of these SMS services.

8. Net books, Notebooks and laptops are taking the place of desktop computers big time. This has already occurred in 2009, but will keep growing in 2010. Time to say good bye to Desktop Computers.

9. Wireless routers are going to be in huge demand as the number of computers per home is now changing from strictly one-ghar-ka-one-computer to a laptop each for daddy, foreign return brother, mommy, etc.

10. With the emergence of online news channels like the Huffington Post news channel in the US and Nautanki.TV in India, and free streaming of the Times Now and Network 18 news channels, television is going to get interactive! We might see a sprung in internet-enabled televisions soon.

11. Emergence of GPS and the introduction of the 3GS phones in India will connect the world and bring it on one platform.

So what will be the emerging tech trends in 2010 according to you?

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NOTE: The above points are India and neighboring countries specific.


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