The Unborn Daughters

Posted on December 23, 2009 in Society

Last evening I received a mail from Charnjit Singh. Chiranjit had sent this beautiful poem about female foeticide which I would like everyone to read.

We live in the land of gods and goddesses,
We worship them for Prosperity and solace.

We want our prayers to be heard,
Prayer to beget a son.

Sons’ who will keep the race growing,
We want happiness flowing,
We want our race going,

Here daughters are unwanted,
That’s why thousands are aborted,
Strong obsesses-ion for a male,
That all our faith we subscribe, fail,
Killing is crime we know ,
But not a bit of remorse we show,
Our insanity knows no bounds,
Mercy is nowhere to be found ,

Killing them before birth,
Is killing Mother Earth,
Dreaming of crops to grow?
Without our roots, we’re unable to sow.

Un-thinkable, without a womb?

In mothers, we see incarnation of God,
Give me a son , O my Lord!
Hippocrates, we are ,
We love our mothers a lot,
But rearing foetus without mothers, is our new found plot.

Birth Engineering is new study on cards,
Hospitals shall be sans female wards,
Daughters & sisters will exhibit in shows.

Sons will grow in rows,
We are gentle, but without a heart,
Sisters, we love you a lot!

But still, in womb girls bleed.

Where will your sons find their wives?
But , daughter should die,
We want to suppress their painful cries,
Let’s make real vows:

Never can we walk with one shoe,
Never can we prosper with unborn an daughter,
Let us welcome our beloved daughters.

With them is the future of Man.
Let’s pray for the worst dream to not come true,
Forgive us God, for evil thoughts,
We pray for wisdom ,O Lord!

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