Top 5 Politicians of 2009

Posted on December 27, 2009 in Politics

This is the 4th part of our Top 5 series at Youth Ki Awaaz. What ever we talk about, the list is certainly incomplete without the list of the Top 5 Politicians of the year 2009. A rather volatile year for politics, 2009 saw some new faces and some hard working ones too. So the list of the top 5 politicians of 2009 is something like this:

1. Rahul Gandhi: Undoubtedly the year 2009 belongs to the yuvraj of Congress. This year we saw the baton handed over to the 39 year old Rahul Gandhi, who, with his hard work and charisma helped Congress win 206 seats in 2009 general elections. He was the man responsible for the revival of Congress in the eventful state of UP where his good work helped Congress gain 22 seats and most importantly win the trust of Dalit and Muslim voter. He took the decision to fight elections in Bihar alone, as he wanted to prepare the ground for the future and the formula worked.

He advocated for the youth and his idea of giving tickets to young faces in states where Congress had no chance, worked wonders. He revived the Indian Youth Congress by holding the organization elections.

NREGA received more than 39,100 Crore in this year’s budget all because of the efforts of Rahul Gandhi. He started an initiative called “Aam Aadmi Ke Sipahi” in which young and dedicated youngsters were engaged in informing people of various villages, blocks and towns about the various Government policies. He gives us a hope that he can be the change India wants.

2. Sonia Gandhi: Under her able leadership congress returned to power in 2009. The opposition parties tried every tactic to raise matters related to her originality, religion, nationality, lack of Hindi fluency, dependence on bureaucrats, inability to handle coalition politics and forcing India to a dynastic politics.

But all this backfired and she turned this negative politics in her own favour. She groomed Rahul Gandhi over the years and the results are there to see. She advocated austerity drive for all the Congressmen and set an example by traveling in the ‘economy class’. She advocated for 20% of MPs salary to drought affected areas and has been the glue sticking the party together. She surely is worthy of being in the list of the top 5 politicians in India in 2009.

3. Mamta Banerjee: She is the Railway Minister of India and the women responsible for a near end of the 32 year undefeated regime of the Left. With her firebrand politics, she projected Trinamool Congress as an agent of change.

In West Bengal she has been the saviour of the masses and a leader responsible for the revival of a “feeble” opposition. Her stands on Nandigram and Singur helped the locals and gave her the political mileage she needed to ouster the left.

Her present stint as Railway Minister has given people more reasons to rejoice as the fares were not hiked. She announced new concept of trains such as “Duranta” and “Yuva”. Ladies special trains were announced for the first time. She plans to make railways more efficient and effective. This New Year brings forth more avenues for her as tougher times are yet to come.

4. Nitish Kumar: The present Chief Minister of Bihar, he is the man responsible for the turn around of the most under developed state of India. He made this possible with his unwavering commitment and proved that adversity crumbles in the vision, self belief, and willingness to bring about the change.

His main achievements were building long delayed bridges, appointing 2,32,000 teachers, which was unheard of, in the past jungle raj.

Renovation of roads and connecting remote areas of Bihar to other parts of the country, convicting more than 30,000 criminals by starting fast track courts and reducing crimes like kidnapping, which have been a menace in the state. Maintaining the proper functioning of schools and primary health centres also adds to his kitty.

He brought the Women Reservation Bill in the state by giving 50% reservation to women at panchayati level. To improve the literacy ratio in the state, a number of schemes were launched for the girl child, such as free dress scheme and free bicycle scheme. His efforts showed colours with the setting up of IIT, NIFT and the Chanakya Law University in Patna.

Therefore, it is quite evident that this engineer is slowly but surely changing the face of Bihar and this was the reason NDA won 32 seats out of 40 in the general elections.

5. Narendra Modi and Sheila Dixit: This position is shared by these two politicians who have proved their mettle over more than 10 years of service.

Narendra Modi: Considered as the steel man in the Indian politics after Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, he was solely responsible for bringing industrial revolution in the state of Gujarat; it was due to his efforts that Ratan Tata could set up his Nano factory in Gujarat.

He is by far the best political performer in the country. His passion for an invigorated Gujarat and upliftment of the living standards of the people in his state can be seen not only by his efforts to bring industrial revolution but the white and the green revolution as well. He launched many schemes such as krishi, chiranjeevi, matru vandana, beti bachao, jyoti gram yojana and many more and as a result, Gujarat became number one state in India in various perspectives.

Sheils Dixit: If Modi is the Man of Steel of Gujarat then Sheila Dixit is the iron lady of Delhi. She proved her mettle by winning yet again in 2009 and becoming the undefeated CM of Delhi. All the defamatory acts of the BJP backfired and they faced a heavy loss.

During the period between 1984 and 1989, she represented Kannauj Parliamentary Constituency of Uttar Pradesh. As a member of Parliament, she served on the Estimates Committee of Lok Sabha. Dr. Dikshit also chaired the Implementation Committee for Commemoration of Forty Years of India’s Independence and Jawaharlal Nehru centenary. She represented India at United Nations Commission on Status of Women for five years (1984-1989). As President of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee, she led her party to victory in the Assembly elections in 1998.

She has also served as a Union Minister during 1986-1989, first as the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and later as a Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office. She was shortlisted for the 2008 World Mayor award. As Chief Minister of Delhi, Dikshit was awarded the Best Chief Minister of India, by Journalist Association of India, on 12th of July 2008 by H.K. Sethi, the secretary general of the organisation. In 2009, she was awarded Politician of the Year by NDTV. Her work for the Commonwealth Games 2010 to be hosted in Delhi is a site worth seeing.

Who according to you are the politicians of the year 2009? Drop a comment below or mail us at, feel free to tweet us at @YouthKiAwaaz.


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