Weekly Poll: Have you ever broken the law?

Posted on December 10, 2009 in Specials

lawTwo weeks ago we had conducted a weekly survey and the question was Have you ever broken the law? Much to our guess the results were not very shocking but surely interesting. It was clearly stated that 50% of the youth has not ever broken any law, whereas a close 35% agree to have broken the law. And 14% seemed to be confused as to whether they had broken the law or not.

This just shows that a majority of the youth (sample size) agrees to have followed the law and have NEVER broken it, whereas, another majority (larger minority) readily accepts the fact that they have broken it.

But what needs to be looked at is that even though a minority (14%), some youngsters do not remember if they had broken or not. They might have. This shows that the young population might have been careless.

What do you have to say? Have you ever broken the law? Drop a comment or mail us at info@youthkiawaaz.com, you can also tweet us @YouthKiAwaaz

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