Why Should A Student Do An Internship?

Posted on December 31, 2009 in Education

Romana Sohail:

Why do students no longer want to stay free during the semester break? Why are the students willing to work for unpaid jobs? What makes the students run after the opportunities of these internships? Why are career service offices of the universities always stressing upon the students to do internships? How has this internship phenomenon so suddenly taken hold of the students’ lives?

Well the answer to all these questions is one:

“Because the EMPLOYERS want to see internships mentioned on the CV or resume letters of the potential candidates.”

As increasing number of students are enrolling themselves in different internships throughout the world, it has been noticed that now this work experience has become rather essential for any candidate.

This article shall focus on some of the several reasons for why should one do an internship?

This is a well-known fact that in the fast changing and competitive world of today, “Survival is for the fittest only”. With the population increasing faster than ever, more and more people tend to apply for the same vacancy and thus the competition is even heightened. As a result, the employers choose only the best candidates and their definition of the best candidate is not merely restricted to grades on one’s transcripts. Because in the practical world, work experience and interpersonal skills are equally important as technical knowledge and proficiency.

Today in the fast paced life the employers seek those individuals who already possess some sort of work experience in the field and there is no other way to gain an experience but an internship.

It has also been observed that the former interns are eventually hired as the company’s actual employees, given that they work efficiently and professionally in the internship period. Moreover some of the companies launch internship programmes only to hunt for the best and the most talented minds in the market.

Moreover, in addition to the above-mentioned benefits these internships provide the students with an opportunity to develop their inter-personal skills and to enhance their confidence. Skilled with the above qualities and valuable experience, the students are able to give the other candidates a tough competition when applying for a job in the future.

The internships not only provide the students an edge on others while applying for a job, but also give them a chance to apply their concepts and gain hands-on experience. Especially the science students doing internships in labs get way better understanding of the concepts, compared to those who just tend to rote learn from the books and notes. Similarly, a student doing a journalism internship with an established news channel gets to know the real ropes of the work and begins to understand the skills required in the practical world.

Thus in order to gain hands on experience, enhance the interpersonal skills and confidence and most importantly to increase one’s chances of employment, the students should do internships.

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The writer is the Pakistan correspondent at Youth Ki Awaaz and also a student of Science.

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