Cop Bled To Death…Ministers Watch Climax in Peace

Posted on January 9, 2010 in Politics, Society, The Opinionated, YKA Editorials

The police is supposed to be the protector of law. A judicial body that we look up to whenever we face problems. But when it came to saving one of the best cops of Tirunelveli, the ministers looked the other way.

A Tamil Nadu Police sub-inspector, R. Vetrivel (44), – a member of the team that gunned down Veerappan in 2004, for which he earned a double promotion, mortally wounded after a vicious gang attack, bled to death as his cries for help went unheard. Two ministers and their convoy saw his plight but failed to help.

He lay in a pool of his own blood, his leg severed in the attack at Alwarkuruchi in Tirunelveli district on Thursday evening.

State health minister M.R.K. Panneerselvam and youth and sports development minister Mohideen Khan, accompanied by the district collector and other officials, stopped on seeing Vetrivel. But none helped him reach the hospital on time, neither did they call the ambulance on time. Vetrivel bled, cried, screamed, and died when taken to the hospital.

The ministers had a huge convoy of cars and policemen who could have easily saved Vetrivel had he reached the hospital on time.

I was disgusted when I saw the video on television. The cop was bleeding, the ministers with their cars, all standing, watching, discussing, but none who took the step to offer one of their cars to save his life.

This is the political will of our nation, proving how crippled our politicians are. I am still ful of anger and pain. To add a cherry to this, the State health secretary V.K. Subburaj, who was part of the convoy, denied any insensitivity on their part and said Panneerselvam got down and went to Vetrivel. But they did nothing to assist him.

What a shame minister, what a shame!

The video of the dying officer is probably the most heart wrenching plea for help ever caught on camera. So hurtful, that even I could not stop my tears.

Yes, the officer died because of the attack on him, but the ministers are equally responsible for this loss. Not only was he a brave officer but also a brave man, who struggled for his life but couldn’t make it.

I urge DMK to take serious action against the ministers who did not have the courtesy to save a slain officer. How will they cater to the general public?

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The writer is the Founder and Editor in Chief at Youth Ki Awaaz. He holds special interest in rural development and cultural research.


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