FEATURED: 13 and 35, The Numbers To Ponder Over And Be The Change

Posted on January 5, 2010 in Society

Lewitt Somarajan:

While world over, youth brigade is getting spellbound after watching the ‘Avatar’ saga; I, for a change, decided to explore the critically acclaimed Wake-up Sid!; Story of an urban careless youth, son of a richhe-rich dad, being portrayed beautifully and; his journey of self-realization along the course, becoming a responsible youth. I thought we all have a ‘Sid’ in us that needs to be awakened!

Suddenly, one part of me (my mind) entered into a conversation with the other (my heart) blaming, “this story is a farce”. “Today’s youth, like me, wants to be independent and; responsible; professionally, go-getters who love to accept challenges and; emerge as victors; brave warriors with a developed thought process to overcome the barriers of caste, religion, hatred, sex, elitism and; having an aptitude to reason everything before digesting what society wants them to in-take”.

The other part of me calmly pondered over the argument for a moment and; replied, “True, this is a generation which dares to overcome the existing norms of social pedagogy and; loves to excel in every field of their choice”. “But along with such competence comes a blind race for seeking unconquered pyramids, where profound sanity paves way for greed and; back-stabbing. Today we are so much engrossed in our own materialistic comforts, habituated to never ending demands of luxury that we don’t have the time to bother about the sufferings of millions. Nobody wants to stretch their horizons beyond a 9 to 5 job and peek into a world where a generation, being condemned to live handicapped by the society, is awaiting us with a hope to balm their pain and agony. Quest for currency, man’s (both) greatest need and callous enemy, enslaves and corrupts our blood to an extent that altruistic empathy for others is a rare phenomenon. Industrialization, Consumerism and Mechanization in excess has resulted into a doom which is eating like a moth, the very soul of Mother Nature’s affectionate blessings. Spirituality and simplicity have become a subject of mockery, which was once the very basis of human morality and; brotherhood. Our forefathers dreamt of a world where following their legacy, a vast pool of creative and; innovative minds would tirelessly work for the social up-liftment of the destitute; ironically, these future powerhouses of talents are busy selling shampoos and coke for MNC’s! Gandhiji’s spinning wheel which used to symbolically epitomize a kind of spiritual redemption by linking urban masses to real India, has long been replaced by Mercedes and Ferraris! We are being nurtured and groomed in a society where we care for no one but ourselves; where we feed our souls constantly with insatiable needs while 1 out of every 3 of our brothers and sisters, feel having a personal toilet for nature’s call-a luxury! And 3 out of every 5 suffer from water-borne diseases due to unavailability of clean drinking water”.

“Wake-up! Wake-up! Wake-up! Until and unless we learn the art of drawing a limit to our own worldly desires; hardly will the plight and sufferings of needy, will change. Introspect, and next time whenever we yearn to have or achieve more than what is required: think of 13 (1 out of every 3 defecate in the open) and 35 (3 out of every 5 lacks clean water supply)-The numbers to ponder over!”

“Where we are heading to? What is the real mission and purpose of our life? How to differentiate between permanent and transient in life? Which path is to be treaded upon to achieve eternal peace and satisfaction?”

By the time I reached home, answers to all such numerous questions started slowly surfacing out and came in the form of verses; a desperate appeal to my potential peers to realize their inner-self and dedicate their life to become Agents of Change:

Wake-up youth! A new dawn is awaiting.
Budding talents seek sunshine of warmth and wisdom-
Not only to grow, but also to evolve;
Not only to transform, but also to create;
Not only to lead, but also to inspire:
A generation needs to peak into their own-self;
Treading through unknowns to infuse hope and belief:
A generation needs to sow seeds of change;
Creating euphoria of brotherhood and courage to dream:
For peers! If not us then who will
Challenge- norms of yore; Come, lets nurture garden where
Future breathes air, unbiased of knowledge and love……

Are you ready to be the change?

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The writer is the Special Correspondent at Youth Ki Awaaz and also the author of “On The Ninth Cloud


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