FEATURED: Aman Ki Asha, Bridging Gaps

Posted on January 15, 2010

Romana Sohail:

Ever since the partition of the sub-continent, the relations between the two countries have mostly been unstable switching between peace and friendly relations to even massacres of 1965 and 1971. But during this time efforts have been made continuously and relentlessly on part of people in both the countries to strengthen the bond between the two countries and to reduce the tensions.

A recent effort for this very purpose has been made in a joint venture of the two leading newspapers of both countries. Jang group from Pakistan and Times of India have started a project called “Aman ki Asha”( the hope for peace) with the noble motive of bridging the gap between the two countries, the governments and the inhabitants both using the powerful medium of journalism and education.

There is no denying the fact that the journalism has a power beyond one’s imagination to shape rather mould the mindsets of the masses and today the talk shows on the news channels are serving the purpose even better. They not only make the information easily available and accessible to the masses but also through the columns in the newspapers and the discussions on the channels help the people of the country be aware of the hot issues. Through these ongoing debates the masses too get a voice of their own and most importantly the relations of love and friendship sprout.

With the above-mentioned motives and the support of the masses, politicians, religious scholars this project is turning into a huge success and it is anticipated that it will progress by leaps and bounds and accomplish all the purposes behind its commencement.

Following are some of the testimonials the programme has already gained:

Indian actor Amir Khan appreciated ‘Aman ki Asha’ jointly projected by Jang Group of Newspapers and Times of India, terming it a positive development to bring about the peace in the region and draw closer the people living in Pakistan and India.

Foreign Office spokesman(Pakistan) said,

“We strongly believe in having a lasting peace with India. We want our bilateral relations to be normalised so that South Asia could live in peace and prosperity,”

National Assembly Speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza has urged the need to resume the composite dialogue process between Pakistan and India, hoping ‘Aman Ki Asha’ initiative will thrive.

Furthermore the programme is being extended to the inauguration of student exchange programs from both the countries. This will not only lead to the fulfillment of the purpose behind the project but shall also lead to cultural exchange and the formation of friendly ties.

So I end this article with the hopes of peace between the two countries!!

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