In focus: Game development as a career

Posted on January 15, 2010 in Alternative Careers

Sahiba Singh:

All of us have spent our childhood playing Mario and Mortal Combat in game parlour or at our homes. Now game parlours have been replaced by Xbox and playstation but our obsession with video games is intact. The demographic of players ranges from 5 years to 55 years. Games vary from fast paced action games to fun dress-up games. The people interested and buying game cds are at an all time high.

Many Hollywood movies, like Hitman, Max Payne and Mortal Combat, are based on video games and have received great response. The gaming industry has proved to be a money spinner. Many corporate have ventured in this field resulting in more job opportunities and better management.

“Internet and mobile games are very useful tools for publicity. We have a number of games developed especially for upcoming movies. Many stars like Bipasha Basu and Akshay Kumar have games based on them. These games are a big draw for our website”, says Ashok , PR head for

Over the years the gaming experience has changed from 2d to 3d graphics. Games have become complex and more life-like. With the improving quality, the requirement for game developers has also risen. Japan still remains gaming capital of the world but countries like India and Korea are producing games of international standards. Due to low cost and availability of talented developers, India is emerging to be a huge player. The demand gaming websites has also been increasing in the local market.

Games are available phones, computer, internet and gaming consoles. Each medium require different technique and skill.

Phone games are based on flash and 2d animation. They are not very complex or lengthy as they should be less than 1 MB in size. With the coming of smart and touch screen phones sensory games have seen a sudden growth. They have better controls and visuals. These games are created using high-end software like motion builder.

Internet and consoles games have high quality 3d graphics with complex features. These games are created by a team of designers. Every person has to work on different areas of game designing. The categories include modeler, visualizer, level and interface designer.

“Every category is important and the team must have good co-ordination and communication to make a worthy game”, says Ankit Kumar, a senior game developer.

Each field has its own software and skill requirements. Student can specialize in any category depending upon their interest.

Game Designing Companies in India

Game designing jobs are booming in India and it is considered as hot career option. There are numerous established companies that offer excellent job opportunities in game designing. Some of the popular games designing companies in India are: – Synapse, Smackall, Ishir Infotech, Csharks etc. They design the games for mobile phones, online games and video games. The mobile games include the board games such as Checkers, Chess etc, betting games (sport betting games, casino games etc), puzzle games and word games.