Is English Really Important to be Successful?

Posted on January 10, 2010 in Education

Moumita Pramanik:

India has been amalgamated with different religions and different languages. Every language has importance in its own geographical region. Since people couldn’t acclimate with each and every language of India, Hindi became the national language. Then, the question that arises is that why is English considered as a vital language in India? How has English filled the communication gap? Why our parent’s first priority is to send their kids to English medium school? Why are jobs not provided to those who don’t have access to English in their academic sessions?

A transformed generation has shown a change abruptly. Ten years ago, English was not accustomed to everyone. As now technology is becoming important, a continuous change has been seen in the mode of our communication. People are integrating on a planetary scale. Business and trading are being done through internet. People meeting on internet and business process outsourcing companies dealing with foreign counter-parts in one common language, English. That’s how English becomes pre-eminent over our national language.

In the past few years, English has brought about a drastic change. Children can’t get admission to schools if they are not familiar with the language. The English medium students are given priority over other students. BPO’s hire only English speaking candidates. But if we check the academic record’s of our country, the kids from rural areas are ahead in terms of knowledge, brain power and intelligence. But they fail to succeed because of lack of opportunities. But more importantly, a major drawback for them is that they are not well versed with English, leading to tumbling career.

Technology has taken us so far that we lost the effulgence of our national language. If someone endeavours to be an MBA, the prime question comes to mind is if he /she has a good command in English. Education has become selective and channelizing students. In the world of learning, evaluation and an increasing series of surprises and setbacks, our national language is becoming obsolete.

Language is the only mode of learning, and English is just a medium. Learning can be done in any language. Every individual possesses some discrete qualities to achieve high, and it depends on him/her what he/she is learning not how he/she is doing it.

And the fact is that not all successful people are well versed in English.

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The writer is the Kolkatta correspondent at Youth Ki Awaaz


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