Role of Media in Contemporary India

Posted on January 20, 2010 in Society

Abhirup Bhunia:

Media today as a whole involves more than one aspect to be dealt with. Media forms an integral part of the lives of all. The world of media is irrespective of age and outlook as well as regardless of nationality and creed. In the media industry, limitations are limited! The media sector is estimated to be one of the most expansive and booming industries. It is by now absolutely clear that, media persons play the noteworthy job of letting the masses know what is happening round the world and that too within minutes of the outbreak.

Media advocates such as agree that the Internet or the web media is one of the newest and largest forms of mass communication given that it has no precincts; it is available uniformly throughout the world. It is unquestionable that one of the most sought after career options today is that of becoming media persons. There is a beeline to join the media as it is one of those rare sectors where the youth can find respite from the conventional fields of medicine and engineering and at the same time avoid being classified as wayward.

The media indeed is an imminent and promising feature of the present day. It is a limitless world of opportunities both for the populace looking for jobs in it, and the ones looking to make the most of it to raise voices against wrong doings.

Media also encompasses cinema and entertainment, although the larger part of it involves news and journalism. Since times immemorial, a forum or platform to raise support and awareness against what is unacceptable was being hunted. Mass media in the form of newspapers and television proved to be the right medium. The role of media in the society is not unknown and is absolutely undeniable.

The youth undoubtedly forms a fundamental part of a civilization which is evinced by the fact that more often than not it is the youth that leads a protest against an objectionable act. The importance of media and the youth’s association with it is an integral one. The youngsters make proper use of the media in order to question and condemn corruption, ill doings and malevolence. Newspapers have an editorial page which hoists the voice of the mass. There are special sections nowadays dedicated to the youth, their opinions, their problems and their viewpoint. The same applies to television news channels while the latest platform is the internet. Today, blogging is a powerful tool that is utilized fully for expressing thoughts, views and disagreements.

Media today is the entity that makes life easier, bridges the gap, fills all voids and makes communication at all levels extremely simple, remarkable and substantial. Yes, at times the media do make use of a little something in order to sensationalize but that small bit of swindle is part of every job definitely. ‘The fourth estate’ is what journalists are designated as. That indeed leaves little for us to say to what extent the media is indispensable.

image: / CC BY-SA 2.0