Swollen Minds and Poignant Hearts

Posted on January 28, 2010

Debojit Dutta:

Heart and mind… hmmm… they were never Tweedledee-Tweedledum, but still co-exist in the same human body in a quarrelsome live-in relationship. The unlikely couple, are even more unlikely to ’walk down the aisle’ in distant future of human civilization. These two have always been at loggerheads but still never separate- a testimony to their eternal love (or greed for survival).

My Mind, had it not been for anatomy’s sake, it would have been a banker, it calculates and re-calculates every step, to mathematical limits.

” Love and all those emotional crap… arghhh! Heard about them? They stink, just like your old pair of socks or your never washed, no way sacrosanct pair of undergarments (puke). That damn heart deviates people from their realistic goals and entices them to entangle into emotional (yuck!) bonding. The word ‘pragmatism’ is absent from its dictionary, or even if that exists, who cares, you need eyes for that anyways. I am intelligent, I am self-dependent, I have a clear vision of the present and future, then why the hell on this earth (or should I say in the human body) have I been confined, in this milieu, accompanying this filthy rascal?”

Its ‘bête noire’, My Heart, has always been the root cause of all evil, all the atrocities ever inflicted on innocent or not so innocent human critters. It is tender, foolish and gullible, makes me daydream, without thinking about the consequences.

“I give you reason to laugh, reason to cry, often irritate you by making you think over silly matters. I find solace in the ringing of church bells; waste your time loving people, sometimes to no avail. Often criticized for being feeble; making those fat, salty drops of transparent liquid incessantly flow down your chubby cheeks. Yes, I do all this and I still don’t regret, I never refrain from repeating the same mistakes. The more intelligent and highly ostentatious counterpart of mine, residing up in the tree-house in your noggin would despise me forever, but who cares? There was nothing hunky dory about our relationship, ever. Keep dreaming, the day you put a lid on that, you would cease to grow.”

My Soul speaks, “Amidst this unending melee, who suffers? Neither that blood soused sentimental muggins; or that braggadocio, who hails himself to be carrying the lineage of the enlightened ‘Buddha’. I am one who suffers the most, right from the day I step into this bivouac; I bear the brunt of being an audience to the never-ending recriminations and fight for supremacy. While, these chauvinists fight over petty issues, I am the person who takes the wounds. I wish, I pray- To be left alone, flying and breathing fresh air, sans humanly lusts and desires. Yes, I dream of being a Bedouin – Yes, I long to attend your obsequies and accept it unabashedly, after all I go through during your life-time. I neither lose my innocence nor do I ever get contaminated, no matter, the amount of ruins you heap on me, I never lose my sanctity. But still if you make me choose one amongst the two. I would pick that bloody moron over the pundit, and yes, I love it’s foolishness, it still brings that soothing smile. Even in the most turbulent times, I am amazed to see that the ‘idiotic heart’ still finds some silly ways to console me. I willy-nilly agree, it is still my best friend in this humanly abode (irritatingly so).”

Till then, keep living (heart)ily (does not refer to low calorie diet!).

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