The Beauty of Winters

Posted on January 19, 2010 in Specials

Moumita Pramanik:

Indian subcontinent is segmented into six seasons, with the approximate duration of each being two months. The seasons are spring, summer, monsoons, early autumn, late autumn & winter. But according to the climatic statistics, India has only three predominant seasons: summers, monsoons and winters. As monsoon ends, winter sets in. The Indian winter is usually mild and enjoyable in comparison to the other temperate countries of the world. The colors of our wardrobe change; from mild colored shirts, there is a transition to bright pullovers, jackets, trendy sweaters and leather shoes. Due to dry northern winds, people get armed with the cold creams, moisturizer and cleansing milk.

The winter holidays bring relief in our mundane lives. It is a carnival time!

India, during winters is a favorite spot for tourists. Winters in India not only captivates tourists, to its diverse and vibrant land; but also innumerable birds and animal species to its pleasant surroundings. The pleasant and solacing winter atmosphere creates a delightful synergy of mutual bonding in the bird sanctuaries of India. With the arrival of the winters, several birds from arctic and semis arctic region reach India to spend their winter vacation here. One can find these birds singing, dancing, hopping in the Bharatpur santuary, Rajasthan and Sultanpur National santuary, Haryana.

A diverse species of animals like tigers, Elephants, panthers, fishing sats, leopard cats, Himalayan black bears, pangolins, jackals, martens, porcupines, spotted deer, etc are found in winter. Some of the other hot spots to visit are —Srinagar, Pondicherry, ooty, Shimla, Bhutan. The snow covered Himalayas and snow falls magnetize people from all across the world.

When we talk about holidays, food is an integral part in it. The winter season makes us crave for foodstuffs like tea, coffee, spicy foods, alcohol, fried foods, chocolates, hot soups and stews. The significant belief is that winter is the time when appetites are whetted, the metabolism improves and hence, one can afford to eat slightly more calories.

While the northern part of the country experiences the freeze, most part of the country has a mild and warm winter sun. Hot soups and stews are definitely the season’s favorite. Caffeinated beverages like energy drinks, coffee and tea are a rage among all age groups in winter. It is the peak time for coffee retailers.

Hard on the pocket is a passé and with price tags notwithstanding, the typical shop-aholic people seem to be finding fun and freedom through clothing in winter. Lively colors, silhouettes, easy going fabrics, vibrant prints and loose fit with oriental overlaps are the highlights in winter. Woolen knit sweat shirts in full-sleeve, hooded winter wears in organic color are very much in men’s wardrobe.

And of course, the UV protected sunglasses complete the winter fashion. So if you are looking for a revamp of your clothing style, the trends this time are very much tempting. Grab them before the stock finishes and look exquisite in this winter.

The writer is a West-Bengal based correspondent at Youth Ki Awaaz.