Young Souls Gear Up!

Posted on January 16, 2010 in Society

Kshitij Chitranshi:

When I think about the youth of today, what crosses my mind is the average, common youngster, like myself. Education consumes a good part of our teenage. Those who are in the age group of 20-30 are more focused towards their career. When we complete our graduation, we realize that we have to go for higher studies and grab a decent degree to get a suitable job. After securing a job, all would be fine; is what a 22 year old person would think.

After working for two years in an MNC or in a decent firm, its time for the parents to get their children settled, which means marriage. At the age of about 25-26 an average person gets married and starts his/her own family. After having the first child, a person thinks of earning more and thus he switches jobs, invests in stock market and tries to accumulate as much wealth as possible. This cycle repeats when his children get prepared to settle down. Whoa!

Now, what did we leave between all these duties? Contribution. Now you guys must be thinking contribution towards what; as the whole story has made it very clear that the contribution towards family has been adequate. You guys forgot that your contribution towards the interest of the nation is as important as your family.

I also come in the same category as all others do. Caring about our family is not a crime. We all should realize that our family is not of only 2-4 but of more than 1 billion people. The problem is how we contribute to our nation and take care of our non-blood relatives

We need good governance. Our system needs some overhauling. Our motive should be welfare of the nation. If some one is bribing you to do a certain task which is not in interest of the nation then don’t accept it.

At the end, I would like to encourage people especially young Indian minds that if we want change around ourselves, then our mentality should change first. If any of you wants to join politics after 2-3 years of working in corporate sector then jump into it and be the change that you want to see around yourself. Many will be inspired by your action.

You decide:

Whether we should just sit and rant about needing change or whether we should ourselves BE that change.