Youth in Politics: A New Dawn

Posted on January 8, 2010 in Politics

Praveen Kumar:

With population over a billion people, republic India is the world’s largest Democracy. And for all obvious reasons it is a cumbersome task to govern a country like India. India, the packet of diversified cultures, ethnicities, languages and mindsets has always been a mysterious country when it comes to its integrity. It has been decades since that India was declared a free country. Since then the country is undergoing major changes in terms of social, economical, political and technological aspects. But, there is one key function that drives the remaining three. That is nothing but the political system of India.

Indian Politics have been interesting since its inception. Some people often say “Many things have changed, but politics in India has been the same”. Is it really so? We need to think about this. Governments change over a period of time, Power slips from one political party to another. But the so called properties of the political system have often seemed to be the same. The parties which we have are nothing but a set of aged intellectuals that were distributed among different groups following their own doctrines.

The majority of Indian population is under the age of 35, but its politicians are largely a gerontocracy. The political parties are filled with aged, old men and women who often look like members of exclusive pensioners’ club. The question that now arises is that “Is this generational rift between the citizens and the political setup desirable?”

No, definitely NO. This setup has resulted in a system that is very redundant in its decision making. Now the scenario has changed drastically. The prevailing problems of the country are continuously hampering the growth of the country. In the dark mist of never ending poverty, illiteracy and many other disadvantages there is need for a new dawn.

A dawn that brings prosperity, hope, a new beginning, and a new system all together. Our political system certainly requires re-structuring in order take the country forward with the pace that can match with the other developing countries.

Given the kind of electoral make-up India has, the dearth of young politicians on the front benches is purely implausible. They are patronised, suspected, demoted to the background and constrained by an environment that encourages an uncritical reverence. The kernels of pessimism are thus slowly sown in them.

In the recent past we have seen that the emergence of youth into politics has brought in a new spirit of enthusiasm and confidence among people. The skepticism that leaders are only born, is no more valid these days. As we know that ‘leaders need not do different things, it would be sufficient if they can do things differently’. And this is what we need now. We need young fresh minds to come into politics who strive to make the country better.

Till now we have only seen that most of the young leaders have inherited politics. But then there is one thing in common in the young leaders today, they influence the youth of the country. Their personality influences people who often look up to them as role models. It has not been long since Rahul Gandhi stepped in to politics, but we have seen a fresh wave of thoughts which have come along with him. Same is the case with Jyotiraditya Scindia and Omar Abdulah. They have been crucial for the parties they work for. And consequently we see more and more youth joining politics which is a good sign.

The people of the country also seek some new leadership which they can trust upon. The time has come for the youth to step forward and take up the responsibility from the octogenarian politicians.

Now that we know that the impact of young leaders on the growth of a country is crucial, it is not to be ignored that there has to be right balance between the experienced and youth. Hence increasing number of young politicians is certainly a new dawn.

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