15 Months Later: Shaking the Sleeping Cells

Posted on February 19, 2010 in Society

Anjani Kapoor:

While the country was romanticizing about the controversy of Shahrukh Khan’s new movie in the Valentine’s week, Pune Bomb Blast shook the people out of the tranquillity. An explosion that ripped through the city claimed ten lives, leaving 50 others injured. This bomb blast has done more damage than just taking the lives, it has knocked India’s one of the biggest student’s hub. Pune also known as ‘Oxford of the East’ has maximum foreign student population and is like a home for the members of OSHO centre. This time perpetrators of crime have targeted the city of Pune, which was budding as a safe city, dependable and emerging as Industrial and Educational hub.

Terror was never gone from the country, so let’s not consider the Pune Blast as return of terror. After the Intelligence alerts on Headley’s visit to Pune, the area near Osho ashram was under continuous surveillance by the police forces. Despite mock-drills and support, terrorists could easily plant a bomb in the backpack and get away. Once again the communalization of the fight against terrorism has started due to political mudslinging. Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) has indulged in the blame-game, saying that the terror and the talks can’t go hand in hand. BJP has asked Congress to slam the diplomatic talks with Pakistan till the time they don’t stop sponsoring terror from their soil. We have reacted in a very offensive manner as always from allegations of intelligence failures to criticizing local security system. But it’s important to acknowledge the fact that we live in challenging neighbourhood.

After the tragic 26/11 attacks, India strongly articulated, ‘let this be the last attack on Indian soil’. But sudden Blast in Pune has made us look at the wider problem approaching near. The US state department has assured India to counter-terrorism which is seen as a step to boost the bilateral relation. If we look at a bigger picture we will feel cheated by the claims of US. With Obama’s declaration of pulling the US army out of Afghanistan, India will have militarily strong Pakistan next-door and a Taliban State to deal with in Afghanistan. Does this suggest that India should get the wake-up call for more frequent attacks in the near future? It’s high time Indian leaders should start criticizing the US for being in Afghanistan on one side and providing military aid on the other hand.

Starting with crowded markets of Delhi, local life-line of Mumbai to assault on hotels during 26/11 has been shocking. But now attack at ‘new’ places like coffee shops and eateries is randomly paralyzing. Places like German Bakery, Barista or CCD are the extensions of personal life in public domain, threatening the very expression of being themselves in modern society is really appalling. We should realise that the terror forces have already evaded the Indian Territory, now the need of the hour is to anticipate and act to counter terror.

The writer is a Political Correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.