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A Single Pulse

Posted on February 3, 2010 in Environment

Shreya Krishnan:

There are a millions who loved the movie Avatar. The movie had more than a compelling story to it. There was something in it which took all of its viewers to a trance state. Watching the movie, I realized all of us are intrinsically connected to nature, at a deeper level. Whether we admit it or not, we are all nature lovers. Who does not enjoy a sunset or picturesque sceneries? There is something in nature’s beauty that all of us connect to when we see it. All of us view it in a different way, but it certainly transports all of us to a different world.

When we are amidst nature and surrounded by greenery, there is a sudden peace which settles in our heart. All commotion and confusions come to a standstill. The nature speaks to our souls. We understand the language, because we have always known it. Nobody ever taught us to appreciate nature. You learn it on your own. All forms of nature, intrinsically speak the same language. As told by the Na’vis, you tell a horse what to do and she understands. Isn’t it true for us too? How many times has it happened to us that we already knew what the other person was thinking? Experts call it intuition. We just “know” when we connect to another soul, don’t we? Doesn’t this explain how we connect with animals too? Dogs can love us unconditionally only when they can “see” the purity of our hearts. They see a world deeper than us probably.

In this fast paced world, when was the last time you heard your own heartbeat? We lose a part of our souls when we stop connecting to the nature. Why isn’t it important to make time for ourselves and connecting with the world around us? Haven’t we all experienced that a small walk in the park clears our mind and finds us solutions to most of our problems?

One can hear the pulse of the nature, if you would pause to hear. It is the same thing that resounds from every living thing that exists. There is no use screaming our heart out to save the nature. Love nature and you would do nothing to harm it. Apathy comes from a loss of connection. I wish the youth would love nature a lot more than they do now. Connect with it and hear her pulse. The nature will respond.

The writer is a correspondent and a features reporter at Youth Ki Awaaz.

image: / CC BY 2.0