Collateral damage: Sabotaging Personalities

Posted on February 25, 2010 in Society

Ranjeet Kumar:

डब्बे मस्तिष्क के खुल जाने दो , अब तो कुछ ताज़ा हवा आने दो I

कहीं घुट घुट के न दम तोड़ दे आज़ादी मेरी, अब तो पिंजड़े को तोड़ पंख तो फैलाने दो II

In this red ocean era of competition the Trojan horses have invaded our grey matter and the open horizons of blue sky seem shrinking. We are no more human beings but human doings. In doing so, our focus has been on designer kids with potentials to fulfill the desires unlimited that we harbor as parents and guardians. “Every human being is a god in embryo and its only desire is to be born”, says Deepak Chopara. But to satiate our desires we start pressurizing the gentle minds to imbibe the competitiveness and top the chart. The damage in our consciousness is translated into a continuous distortion strategy to the kid’s divine potential, so I christen it as collateral damage. Here begins an intoxication of kids mental faculty and most of them lose the inherent potential of the infinite possibilities that could have taken shape naturally. We are happy growing bonsai in the garden rather than letting them become full grown banyan trees.

How are we going to celebrate the god within if we keep on contracepting the mental fertility by our orthodox thinking? Can we end this gestation and let the divinity within express itself to the fullest? Can there be grounds where capability dominates success? Can we create a society where cooperation is rewarded and endless competition is curtailed? These are the questions that have haunted me since long. In constantly receiving negative messages our brain becomes recalcitrant to new ideas. Creating a new society where the learning environment is much more elaborate than mere schooling, where mistakes are rewarded and there is enough room for imagination and experimentations. The possibilities should not be left to die within the confines of the four walls of the classroom.

The personal reality should transcend into the personality. It should be character driven rather than impression driven. These virtues are the ones which should be sown and effectively nurtured in young brains rather than pressurizing them for academic excellence. Let the brain not become a pressure cooker rather it should become a dynamo of infinite possibilities.

The writer is a research scholar by profession working at CDRI Lucknow, a freelancer and poet by passion.