EXCLUSIVE: The Sixth Sense: What It Ought To Be?

Posted on February 9, 2010 in Society


Possessing extra ordinary powers is the very thought that hits our mind doubtlessly, when we hear of someone with the sixth sense. Most of us cerebrate that it is something owned only by special or gifted individuals, a power, which simply characterizes one to connect beyond the physical world, by getting united to the spiritual world. So what is the so-called extra sensory perception all about?

Truly, every normal person on earth is pretty much aware of the five basic senses. Researches say, the sixth sense is within us, being a part of every human psyche. Scientifically, electronic tuning aids in transmission of signals to which, the science of communication to the dead through mental focus is analogous and it certainly does not require one to be an ordained saint.

Lets get cognized to this wispy idea wit an insight of not what the sixth sense is all about but what it ought to be.

What is that we ultimately run behind in our everyday lives? Money? Success? Relationships? Or neither of these? Has the thought of our birth or the very purpose of our living ever occurred to us? Our lives are intricately stacked with a plethora of relationships and our quest to know why we are bound to each one can turn out be an endless one. At this point of life, when we have experienced the bad and are looking to endure the worse, why don’t we think out of the box to make our lives meaningful? Having let ourselves propel in the only direction our parents let us to for many years, now it is the right time for us, the youth, to redefine our priorities and responsibilities.

From time immemorial, man has committed himself to the cause of raising the standards of his living through rational ideals. The entire mankind today is racing towards victory, the one that is defined in terms of others, not the one defined by them. Umpteen number of questions remain unanswered which need to be attended at the earliest.

How many of us do the job we have always wished to? Very few people perspire to get into a place of their choice; few others chance upon something big but have never wanted to be doing that and the rest get entangled to the job destiny leads them to. Money happens to play the decisive factor everywhere. We have got ourselves merely into an environment that is inevitable, however there were possibilities of us entering the zone of our choice guided by our inner soul. Time today is at premium for the youth and it requires whole lot of voluntary efforts to step to the fore.

Realization of one’s dreams, resolving the purpose of life, empowering one’s brainwave, letting ourselves accelerate our spirits is all tat the sixth sense truly comprises of. As individuals and the youth, lets redeem ourselves from our past slips that were encountered by us knowingly or unknowingly.

Being the way we want to, that is morally justified does catalyze our lives with perpetual optimism. As being the youth, how many of us let our decisions influence the country’s status every year during elections? How many of us really let the world happenings bother us? How many of us have stepped out of our homes to live up our life on our own terms? Often many have felt being unproductive in doing things that capture attention from the world’s perspective, but are hardly impressive to our own selves. When will we cease this culture of posing ourselves as not that we really are, with wants, not we really desire for?

Perfect satisfaction is indeed unapproachable, but it needs great strength combined to identifying ourselves, proving useful to the world causes and making a meaning out of our lives. The present generation youth need to enforce it all. If not dealt strategically, we may find it too late to execute things we wanted to always. This audacious attitude is what has made few people be true winners and its time for each one of us to agnise ourselves, free ourselves of every confinement which withheld our desires and potent, turning this a better world. Arouse ” the sixth sense ” in you and let it spread the magic in your life.

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.