Hope Inspires Living: Be the Change

Posted on February 15, 2010 in Specials

Ruchik Gandhi:

Every day, every moment,

learn to hope, learn to dream;

Every second, every instant,

learn to have faith, learn to pray;

Even in grief, even in sorrow,

there will always be hope, at least one ray.

The path to live happily has been associated with so many different attributes, be it money, peace of mind, power or fame. Be it sacrifice, love, friendship or a secured future. But the secret according to me is the ability to dream, the wish to be better, the spirit of not-giving-up, the passion of starting things over and over again, the mania of
fighting failures, all-in-all it is about hoping. Living is hoping. Human nature seeks happiness in its belief that tomorrow is going to be better than today and the feeling that future holds better for him.

“Chances may seem diminishing, Opportunities depleting, Life may be losing the meaning, but faith transcends this feeling; Hope always stays on, Hope inspires Living.” The power of Hope though known to all, its extent still remains mystic and enigmatic. And it is this journey to the enlightenment of discovering the strength of Hope that we shall embark upon today.

When the ball is up in the air and the fielder beneath it, there is a hope of him missing it, when 30 seconds are left and your team is down by 2-0, there is a hope of you striking, after screwing the examinations, there is still hope of passing, after doing all wrong, there is still hope of things being corrected, after every failure, there is a hope of fighting back. It is this hope that makes life beautiful, failures worth fighting, miseries worth caring and life worth living. “Surviving amidst all crises, living amidst all sufferings… The reason is hope.”

Hope is the sole power that keeps mankind on its feet – Heads up, body in attention, Spirit with passion and soul at it”
When Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed, bringing the life there at a standstill, there was hope. Hope to survive, to live, to ascend, to attain and to grow. It was this hope that later turned into a movement, a persisting enthusiastic full-fledged movement or as Noetic Science would perceive it, as the unison of same thoughts, vibrating at the same frequency to bring order from chaos that has made Japan the major power that we see, making Japan the world’s
second largest economy, third-largest in purchasing power parity, fourth largest exporter and fifth largest importer.

When Indians had to fight for freedom in their own land, Mahatma Gandhi had hope; Bhagat Singh demonstrated this faith and the Indians reciprocated this prayer. When the blacks in America were refused all rights, Martin Luther King Jr. showed them his dream and the Americans then onwards woke up every-day with the dream itself.

When Life comes to a stop,

when candle of light seems to fade away,

when opportunities seem so scarce,

like a needle in hay,

when time holds no value,

be it night or day,

when everything seems lost,

and answers to everything end with nay,

it’s then time to look around, have faith,

‘coz there will always be hope, at least one ray.

It is this hope that we carry, in-built. Let us all hope, all pray and have faith. But when this won’t be enough, let us fight, lets revolt and let us win back what we deserve. Hope inspires living, true, let we the YOUTH now, get in attention and prove our worth, let us now live to inspire hope for the generations to come…

The writer is a Features correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz