In Focus: Event Management

Posted on February 4, 2010 in Alternative Careers

Sahiba Singh:

Event management is a glamorous and exciting profession which demands a lot of hard work and dynamism. As the name suggests, it means conceptualizing, planning, organizing and finally executing an event. The event could be of any type – musical show, concert, exhibition, product launch etc. This industry is over ten years old in India and holds a lot of promise for expansion. It offers enormous scope for ambitious young people.

Event management is linked to advertising and marketing. The planner needs to imagine the event is a product or brand, and then develop and promote it in a creative way. Ultimately, what’s important is that the attendees (the consumers) have a positive experience that leaves them feeling good about the organizers. The same applies whether the organizer is a business, charity or family.

The Event Planner must cost all of these aspects (and others, depending on the specific event) in advance, checking that the budget balances. Later comes the management of the event itself, which is when the degree of success in the planning and organization stages becomes evident to all. Afterwards, they must ensure that all incoming and outgoing monies are resolved.

There is no academic approach to becoming an event manager. Students from any stream can give it a shot. More than the academics, you need to be tactful, quick and have a pleasing personality.

“The whole environment is so dynamic; you really have to mange things in seconds. There are no easy beginnings; late night meetings, last minute changes and working on a limited budget are all a part of our job. This industry requires people who are willing to give an extra effort to their work. And then you can enjoy the glamorous parties as an additional reward”, says Paramveer Singh, an event executive.

The planner must have a creative outlook. They have to look into every nick and corner of the event. Stage setups and logo designing require proper planning and thought.

The steadily increasing numbers of small companies is an indication of positive growth for this profession. Reality is, this industry has mammoth scope for young and ambitious entrepreneurs, probably because corporates, these days, recognize talent and are willing to give fledgling enterprises a start. Metros like Delhi and Mumbai have a number of event management companies. The Mumbai market caters more to stage shows, movies and product launches. Whereas in Delhi exhibitions, corporate events and private parties are more popular. Exhibitions at Pragati Maidan and magazine launch being some of the notable examples.

Customized Weddings

With page3 culture growing, theme weddings have got many takers. “If I go to salons for my bridal make-up, then why don’t hire a professional for my wedding. Right from the cards to the venue and its decoration, everything is taken care of and my family can enjoy the wedding”, Suvi, got married in true Rajasthani style at a farmhouse in Delhi. More and more people are taking professional help to create their dream wedding.

“There is excitement among young couples to have themes but Dilliwalas are more flamboyant, they are so ready to spend their money for lavish weddings. That’s why we have wedding tourism in Delhi”, Ritu Sharma, a wedding planner for over a decade.

According to Meher Sarid of Sound of Music, the biggest player in the wedding planning industry highly applauded for her ‘Devdas’ settings and managing high-class weddings, “The wedding industry is associated with glamour, fun, and excitement, which makes it highly attractive for those looking for unconventional careers.”

The Pay

The wedding ceremonies today are proving that marriages are made on earth and by wedding managers. According to Vohra, “The grandeur of wedding ceremonies has in no way diminished with time. In fact, this untapped industry is gradually growing to be a successful business venture. The industry can never die, it will only flourish with the tastes of the rich.”

Most planners work out of their homes. Besides, they can pick and choose from a dozen type of employers who can hire them on a salary ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 per month at the initial stage. At the starting level, freshers can be hired by wedding planners and coordinators, bridal consultants, event managers, florists, caterers or hotel people. “With time and experience, aspirants can have their own enterprise with an annual turnover of over Re 1 crore,” said Singhal.