Is It Meant to Be?

Posted on February 17, 2010 in Specials

Shreya Krishnan:

There are many occasions when we feel we are at the right place at the right time. We get the exact right opportunities we come across when we need it the most. Have you ever wondered how did it all fall into place? We relentlessly crib that we were unlucky in certain circumstances and we never got what we deserved. But do we really know what we deserve?

If so, what is the means to judge the same? But have we ever sat back and thought how many occasions did we get what we did not deserve? We never feel so, do we? We always feel entitled to all goodness that ever exists. Do we fail in judgement or is it just an innate craving to have all well?

So how does it happen that you land up in the most befitting situation? There must be some kind of order overlooking all our actions. If you missed out on an opportunity, probably there is something of greater good awaiting you. Indeed sounds like a cliché, but it wouldn’t harm to believe. It is said that opportunities favour a prepared mind. Nature knows and decides when you are ready. If you are losing on an opportunity, do not despair. Something greater and better is inching closer to you. Concentrate all your energies on that one thing that inspires you and excites you. That is your passion. That is your calling. When you are ready, the world shall welcome you. Success will promptly follow. All things will fall in place. Wonder how? Opportunities come to us, luck favours us and success knocks our doors, simply because it is all meant to be. As the Alchemist says, “Everything has been written by the same hand.”

If some things do not work our way, then it was indeed not meant to be. In the complete scheme of things, this wouldn’t fit our lives or add value to us. Introspection into our souls would tell us the same thing. Deep down, our hearts know better than we do. It recognizes the best for us in the scheme of the universe, singing the tune of the world. If we all sat back and listened to our hearts, we would indeed be happier souls. Trust the hand that wrote this world and trust the heart that dances the same tune.

The writer is a Features correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.