Nuisance of Reality Shows

Posted on February 12, 2010

Tanu Sharma:

If you are finding a perfect groom or bride, if you are so damn keen to expose your talent and guts, if you want to keep a spy on your girlfriend or boyfriend and if you want to get free from your load of lies then you are at the right place- THE WORLD OF REALITY SHOWS! Hot amongst youngsters, ridiculous for some and just a mere past time for others.

What media and television has given to us is undoubtedly tremendous but what it is taking from us is the question to be asked. How justifiable it is, showcasing the dumb show of your personal life on television? Risking your life to hell and claiming to be a ROADIE , confessing about your personal life, your sexual affairs and your intimate relations and obscene exposures, is what these soaps are showcasing and this is what television viewing has been reduced to. I don’t know what these people are trying to show? Whether it is the reality or scripted but the picture that it is projecting is really corrupted. People have found their shortcut to fame, popularity and money in these reality shows. Television has always been affecting the minds of the people and people are encouraged or rather mislead from what they see and end up doing the same.

There was a time when people enjoyed watching religious, educational soaps etc, and movies and songs provided entertainment. But now the meaning of entertainment seems to have changed and for that more masala shows are required and on top of that people are willing to provide it at the cost of their moral and cultural values. The use of slang language, obscene sexual exposure is one thing that has become an indispensable part of these reality shows. Moreover, these reality shows play with the sentiments of the people and further gives rise to the seeds of dissension amongst families and relations rather than bringing enlightenment. It raises questions upon trust and faithfulness and which weakens the thread of bonding.

The most disastrous effect can be seen on the youth of the country. They are more concerned in following the trends which these reality shows set up. They are getting more and more enchanted with glamour & popularity even by making a fool of themselves through these reality shows. More que’s can be seen for roadies and splitsvilla auditions than the que’s for admissions to some prospective career oriented field. We need to prioritize our duties and desires. But these reality shows have taken hold of the young minds. It seems to be pretty cool if you are engaged with such things, or you might be a subject of ridicule.

This is what this television and the glamorous world of silver screen is taking away from us. People are losing sensibility under the spell of this virtual world of scripted reality. People are more curious to know who has won the Rakhi Ka Swayamwar than the statement made by Pranab Mukherjee on the Goods and Services Tax concerning our country. I am not saying that everyone has fallen into this pot hole but indeed a large chunk of population has.

Again it is not only affecting the minds of the people but morally corrupting them as well. Girls seems to forgotten the decency of living and boys have gone too far in their behavior. Excess of everything is bad and this phenomena has rightly been fulfilled by these reality shows for the sake of entertainment and so called masala. Its time to buck up and think of what all it is leading up to.

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