Orissa Mining Boom v/s Eco-system: Insider’s View

Posted on February 11, 2010

Lipika Mohapatra:

Orissa is always known for its fertile agricultural land, peaceful environment and its temples. The tall coconut trees weaving in the air, the mud huts, the innocent people and the environment they are depending on to fulfill their needs is a perfect example of the modern eco-village. Now a days we are talking about the climate change, global warming or cooling that is directly or indirectly causing harm to mankind.

The mining boom in Orissa opens doors for many opportunist outsiders and also many Oriya people who dreamed to become rich by digging the hole in the earth and polluting the environment. I heard from many people, telling shamelessly, about setting up a stone crusher in Orissa to make money easily. Of course they will offer jobs to local people for years till the land becomes barren and the environment becomes over polluted.

The green forest in Orissa has almost vanished due to the mining and construction process. The eco-system that took years to establish has broken. There is nothing left for the local villagers to live their life peacefully depending on their nearest environment. So, they are rushing towards towns and cities in search for food. The city life in Orissa has become overwhelmed since these are not designed to carry so many people. Now the bottom line is that the pollution in the cities has reached its alarming level already.

It takes time to build a sustainable eco-system or environment where local people have the opportunity to stay local. The mining boom in Orissa has become like a missile against our environment. I can only say “Please Stop the mining projects”.

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz

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