Pee For Free!

Posted on February 3, 2010

Debojit Dutta:

The picture with this article might be of trifling importance to neo-suburban random eyes. But the inscription, apparently stresses its importance.

We live in an era, where everything comes with an inflated price tag. At times, when the prices of pulses set your pulse raising and prices of cereals rise more dramatically than K-serial plots. When each ‘kiss’ burns a hole in your pocket, and each ‘hug’ comes as an electric shock. It came to me as a soothing relief, that this ‘sanctum sanctorum’ of excretion charges nothing. That too on an unlimited tariff plan. I stood in front of it, in salutation of the monument, until some chirping birdies, passing by, remarked, “dekh banda toilet ki photo le raha hai” (look, this guy is clicking pictures of the loo). I wanted to retaliate, but realized, it would go to deaf ears.

Majority of our populace excretes in the open. The pungent aroma of excreted bonhomie, fills your nose, every time you pass through a public place- railway stations, footpaths and even religious places, included. The gala event, starts early morning, even before the sun rises and registers its attendance. All the performers, irrespective of – caste, creed, and sex, line up for the concert, showing their obverse parts; some moaning and pushing for more, some ‘cock a hoop’ about their blissful achievement.

If, the Agricultural supremacy of India is still an enigma, then this should serve as a ‘How-To’ guide.

Seeing washrooms like these are a relief. At least a few people won’t excrete in the open.

Sorry, for ending this abruptly. Time please! I need to run to the loo. And that too a free one. 🙂

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.

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