Public Service Ads Generating Awareness

Posted on February 23, 2010 in Society

Latika Wadhwa:

The ad world is changing and how? As the commercialization of media grows, the ad world is becoming sensible. With more and more ads touching viewers at a personal level, the ad world has surely become a lot more sensitive; and a perfect domain to run socially relevant campaigns.

Be it the Save Our Tigers campaign or the Jaago Re! campaign, the ads are certainly creating a stir in the minds of the educated urban youth, and that too at a personal level. A recent addition to this league has been the “Atithi Devo Bhava” ad campaign, being run as a part of the Incredible India series in light of the upcoming Commonwealth games and the increasing foreign audience in India.

These ads feature a prominent celebrity face as they have a mass appeal. In fact, to be realistic, if celebrities pitch in to create awareness for social change, they could easily evoke the emotions of the “usually ignorant”, urban youth.

Public Service Ads or PSAs are surely a great way to enhance the social thinking and influence people at a personal level, but there is still a long way to go. PSAs are growing, and we hope that they continue to grow extensively over the years so as to cast a greater impact for the larger interest of the society.