Rahul Gandhi Way To Go!

Posted on February 15, 2010 in Politics

Priyanka Arora:

This is my first article for Youth Ki Awaaz and I just couldn’t figure out what to write about! Then I thought I must write my first article about something, rather someone who truly represents the youth. After considering a few options (like Shahrukh Khan, M.S Dhoni etc.) I chose Rahul Gandhi, for I feel that he is the one politician who appeals to the youth. Yes he does!

Son of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and the current Sonia Gandhi Congress President, Rahul is probably the first person (politician) who truly believes in the power the youth holds. While addressing a press conference in Kochi he said, “the difference between a young person and an old person is that a young person looks towards the future, okay! And an old person looks in the past”. He proved his mettle when he openly travelled throughout Mumbai, connecting to the common people and living their life for a day; something which we never saw the Martha Maanus leaders do.

His message to the youth present at the Bhaidas hall in Vile Parle (west) was simple and succinct, “stay away from divisive politics”. He also said, “youth congress believes in inclusive politics for those who want to cleanse the existing muck in politics”. A majority of us think that politics is a muck, he agreed, but showed the way towards a cleaner politics.

He offered no apology when Sena attacked him for his remarks made in Patna recently that Bihari commandos had played a heroic role in battling terrorist in Mumbai on 26/11. Sena had construed this as an affront to Marathi cops who lost their lives battling Let terrorists and demanded an apology. This shows that Rahul is not afraid of anyone and stands by what he says. We need such brave politicians in our country. His act of boarding the train shows that he is very stylish and cool (pretty much what the youth is like).

Rahul Gandhi started Youth Congress membership campaign, thus encouraging more and more youth to enter politics. He interacted with different students of various universities. He did cast an impact on the young minds, determined to be the change.

Rahul has proved himself and I really hope that he does. Mr. PM Material Rahul Gandhi has a long way to go. Way to go!

The writer is a student at Delhi University and a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.