The Final Redemption

Posted on February 21, 2010 in Society

Saurav Kumar:

The conciliatory commitment in the form of bilateral talks between the two labelled rivalries- India and Pakistan is
worth-discussing and is certainly apprehensive.

February 25 would mark the day for the settlement of many such unresolved disputes between the two countries. These have remained unresolved owing to the silence maintained by either sides or because of some external means that have erupted to thwart any such action whenever taken in the past. We can notice a blend of voices, some disagreeing on the relevance of this talk and displaying their disbelief on the future implications, while some are
welcoming this move with both hands. With no surprise, I find both such voices having their reasons to believe and act—a perfect democratic exposure. However, we cannot deny the fact that both nations would try to promote their own interests over others.

India has its primary concern on the growing terror in our country for which it accuses Pakistan’s political and military condone. Talking about 2001 Parliament attack, 2008 Mumbai massacre and now the Pune blasts; investigations revealed Pakistani soil as the sole culprit. Abashedly, entire catch-ups, detentions, legal charges and all those diplomatic talk-sharing landed nowhere in the vicinity of an effective solution. Owing to the general speculation, India must be asking Pakistan to get a strong hold over inconsiderable movements linked with terror in the region, along with the demand to legally ban LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba) and Jamaat-Ud-Dawa—-the prime suspects of the Mumbai massacre and the Pune blasts. Pakistan has to attend to these unfinished businesses if it is seeks a healthy relation
with us, failing on which would definitely once again drive the fate between the two countries to an unpredictably abysmal path.

Talking about the Kashmir issue, I can only urge both sides so as to reach a consensus and to consider the welfare of the Kashmiris, the paramount concern. It is being said that India’s role in the rehabilitation in Afghanistan is sneered from the Pakistan’s side, and it is being claimed as an action to undercast Pakistan’s image over the global platform. This can be an another tile on 25th feb talks. We all have seen the drastic condition that has prevailed in Afghanistan over two decades. The extent to which people in Afghanistan have suffered in all senses, whether it be societal, economic or personal; there should not be any space for unproductive talks when it comes to resettle humanity in a region. In continuation to all diplomatic moves that are to be carried forward to settle the unsettled issues, I feel the need for a public involvement at a larger scale.