The Imprudence of the Youth

Posted on February 9, 2010

Manali Misra:

If one door closes, the other opens!

The above line is no doubt a cliché but still holds importance especially when it comes to the life of youngsters.

It is considered that educated youngsters are smart, intelligent, worthy enough to lead an honourable life. Indeed they are but at times their foolish acts compel us to rethink our conclusions that they are the building blocks of our nation. The increasing number of suicides is just one example of the plenty of other ones. Unable to cope up with pressure of studies, they commit suicide, unable to get their love they go in depression and then commit suicide, their parents deny them of something and they commit suicide, they feel inferior than their competitors and they are ready to leave the race of life and the list of reasons goes on and on… It seems like life is a game for them – if one is not winning, quit as early as possible. Should this be the attitude of our so called “ potential youth”? Of course not! The youngsters should be strong enough to face challenges in life.

Moreover, we all have a habit of finding faults in everything, especially if it’s popular. The recent example is of alleging the movie — Three Idiots of provoking the Mumbai suicides. This statement is completely unintelligible. Instead of taking the positive message that the movie gave, the hype is created on one suicide scene. What is happening to the intellectual minds of the educated class? Parents are consulting the psychiatrists frequently to help their kids in overcoming the pressures they face due to studies. There are talks of changing the whole education system because of the suicide cases. But it is worth mentioning that CBSE has already made tenth class board examinations optional, how much more are the authorities expected to be lax? Instead of change in the education system, the need of the hour is that the youngsters change their mindset. They should learn to be strong and should not let their spirits to be dampened by petty issues.

It’s time that they actually prove that they are worth becoming the backbone of their country. At least once, they should think of their parents before taking such a drastic step. Life is full of beauties, one should always live to the fullest and achieve his/her dreams. It is aptly remarked by someone “Our attitude towards life determines the life’s attitude towards us”. One should learn to have a positive mental attitude and the things will work out smoothly. To get out of depression, instead of taking help of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and for that matter even suicides, youngsters should have a passion to live life. They should not forge the fact that life is to live not to die. Life is precious, enjoy it!

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.

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