Toothache V/s Heart Break: Which is Severe?

Posted on February 10, 2010 in Specials

Sai Deshmukh:

Being a dental student, I have always read toothache is the worst kind of pain known to man. It has the potency to keep you awake the whole night, triggering migraine (if you have that demon), paralyzing your whole jaw-side, till you resort to the mercy of painkillers. “Finally, a relief” you would say; but these painkillers torment your gastric system and set it on fire, leaving you more miserable. And then begins the never ending saga of dental visits with your mouth wide open, swallowing a dental mouth guard.You feel lighter in your head (coz of anesthesia) and pocket. You can’t help it as RCTs are bread and butter for the dentists worldwide. In the end you and your dentist are left with shining smiles; he, with the cash from the big fat bills and you, free of unseen germs. To all intents and purposes toothache is considered as the most painful experience.

So I prided myself with the fact that I am the healer of the pain of the most pathetic kind and I would be my patients’ “messiah” until I came across the line …. “Nothing relieves a burning heart”.

Does heartache really affect humans so much?

Well, there have been ‘n’ number of suicide cases because of heartbreaks, but don’t they attribute towards a weaker heart rather than a broken heart?

Matters related to love and relationships have a great influence on our lives, whether we accept it or not. However practical our generation is, we can’t live without love. When you are in love you suddenly realize you are a poet, the happiest man on the planet and but Heartbreak!! Dear God! What an agonizing experience. You feel suicidal every moment like you are the one and only one who’s Unlucky-Unhappy. Do painkillers alleviate those symptoms? I don’t think so. No medicine, no therapy has a cure for it. And the cause, pathogenesis and signs are never of mild variety. They are heart wrenching and tearful.

Now comes the debate part… toothache v/s heart break? And you all would unanimously agree the winner is heartache… Why? Just introspect… you would have experienced this unwanted emotional state at least once in your life. Tooth pain might not have occurred, thanks to your healthy teeth but heart matters… first love and its jeopardizing consequences…Nobody has escaped it; I am very sure except for those few lucky whose love was reciprocated. Even the age old saying “Prevention is better than cure” does not apply here, because you never know when this Cupid created devil, will start haunting you. So that’s how it is. I would certainly prefer an aching tooth because I know I have dentists like myself, waiting to drill in to my teeth rather than a broken heart with neither prevention nor cure…

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.