What Has Happened to This City?

Posted on February 9, 2010 in Society

Latika Wadhwa:

The morning mist is always filled with an atmosphere of birds chirping all over, filling the air with their melodius voice. But that very voice appear to me as a symbol of lament when sitting at ease and looking through the pages of a newspaper and reading the news of another rape occuring in the city.

The city which is considered to be the epitome of civilized and well cultured people has turned out to be quite ironical as the people have become barbaric in their extremities. The women who are praised as female dieties in the Indian tradition are not only being discrimnated but also victimised and molested (third degree). A feeling of fear is always inlaid in every girl’s heart whenever she steps out of the house in the buses, lonely places and during nights. The pain and agony that is raised due to rape is beyond anyone’s imagination. There is no remedy or cure for this unhealing suffering. Women are not only losing the mental balance but they have to face the threats imposed by the society, that is male-oriented and only looks for the mistakes of the women.

It is a mere illusion that women have been emancipated and gained freedom, they are still facing difficulties and that too at a more heinous level. The culprits are not only out on the roads, women today are not safe in their houses. What has happened to this city, the true self of a woman is losing and the freedom has taken the form of cries and mourning. Will anyone tell me the cure of this pain?

The writer is a Delhi based correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.