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An Open Letter to Ms. Mayawati

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Anshul Tewari:

Dear Ms. Mayawati,

Hope you are doing well. I have heard and seen a lot about you but haven’t yet got a chance to meet you in person. I am sure your early life inspires many of us. Recently, we saw that there was a stampede at an ashram in Uttar Pradesh and above 60 people died in the same. This is certainly shocking and heart wrenching for all of us. As usual, the blame game has begun, and the story will continue to make headlines until another such incident happens. There was a police outpost barely 50 metres from the ashram. Yet, when 15,000 people gathered and that too at a scheduled event, there was no attempt to manage the crowd, or bring in reinforcement. The judiciary (for the state) does come under your purview, and yet your people were blaming the ashram. I guess it is time for ashrams to hire body guards.

The people who died belonged to the lower strata, many of them being the sole earners of their families, women and children, and now that they are gone, there is no way their families can compensate for their loss. These days the first thing that the Chief Ministers of the affected states do is announce a monetary compensation. Similar was expected from you, to think of the least, but the press release you issued was not satisfactory ma’am.

You had mentioned that, “The state does not have the money to compensate the victims’ families. The emergency fund covers natural calamities, and not tragedies like stampedes.” Are you serious ma’am? This was probably the least you could have done for the victims.

I heard (from the Supreme Court’s orders) that you spent hundreds of crores (read as 2000 crore) on constructing Dalit icons’ statues, and now I hear that the UP treasure does not have 60 lakh (if you give one lakh each, minimum) for the people who died. I heard you say that you fight for upliftement of the Dalits, and guess what, a majority of the victims of this stampede were Dalits. Sad, but true! I really look forward to a change in statement (which I know won’t happen) from your side.

Moving on, this is certainly not where my concerns end. I am in no mood for comparisons, but look what Mr. Nitish Kumar has done to Bihar. I believe that even you can change the face of UP, and then you won’t even have to take the pain of building your own statues, maybe your followers (in true sense, no pun intended) would do that. As Mr. Nitish Kumar rightly said, “If Bihar can change, the whole nation can”. But Ms. Mayawati, we are not asking you to change the nation, we are talking about UP alone. Please do us this favour.

I did a small analysis for you to see, and would welcome suggestions from your side. As I read, you spent around 2,000 crore on building statues and parks in and around U.P, my (and many others’) calculations say that if these 2,000 crore had been invested in the judicial system of U.P, we would have had a better policing system, a much stricter one, for the better. Lower crime rates would have been observed. Promoti0n of trade and upliftment of the fringes could have been seen. Moreover, a higher GDP. Thus, all in all, happy UPites. (and more followers for you).

Mr. P. Chidambaram had once said, “Of what use will be the statues in that state. The Rs 1,000 crore will help wipe out poverty of thousands of people, provide basic amenities and education.”

I think this is the way to go ma’am. Also, I must not fail in pointing out that living in UP, I see a lot of goons (the local ones) creating troubles for all of us here, especially for the ladies. I hope this has been brought to your notice and you are already in the process of issuing actions against them.

And yes, education. I have still not been able to figure out the number of state run and municipal run schools in UP, and I heard that in villages near Kanpur and Lucknow (closer to you) the drop out rates have increased suddenly.

I don’t want to see that the state I live in is a subject of joke for my peers, or anyone in that case. And I hope that the people of my state trusted you for a few unfulfilled reasons. This is not a joke ma’am, and please do not take this letter lightly. There are many youngsters like myself who want to see an all pervasive growth of the state, but what have you been doing?

I do not intend to criticize you or your efforts, but request you to have more strategic plans and act in a more balanced way. I am sure UP has the potential to grow, and the people have the zest to excel. Then why stop them ma’am? Trust me when I say so, it will add to your popularity and people will trust you more than anyone. Or else a Rahul will come and take away your throne. By the way, for the positives, I congratulate you for the roads of Noida (but not for the deadly highways of Kanpur and the bad mad traffic rules of Lucknow).

I have much more to say and ask, but I know a better date awaits.

I am sure our readers here would have loads to add to this letter, so consider this as a popular voice.

With kind regards,

Anshul Tewari
Founder and Editor in Chief
Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth


The writer is the Founder and Editor in Chief at Youth Ki Awaaz and holds special interest in rural development.

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    First of all, a salute to the writer. ‘Kuch log bolte reh jaate hai, kuch karke dikhate hain’.
    Very rightly pointed out is the fact that it can’t be digested by anyone that a State which has 2,000 crores to spent on statues don’t have 60 lakhs for the victims. It was the least that she could have done. Miss Mayawati is building statues on one hand and is demolishing ‘BRAND MAYAWATI’ on the other.
    But, most importantly Anshul, I request you to keep following this story.
    It would be interesting to see if Mayawati mam would respond. If she doesnt, I think RTI should be the next option.

  2. From Twitter

    @Youthkiawaaz great letter to mayawati. she has money for personal statues but not for public stampedes.

  3. Ravi Goyal

    Very Well Said. This indeed is India’s sad reality. Persons like Mayawati have to stop feeding there ego and for once act selflessly for the betterment of the society.

    My Best Wishes!
    May this letter find it’s way to Mayawati or for that matter to someone in the Government, who could actually act upon it.

  4. Bell Bajao

    Another politician – another debate. No one except for the masses loses out. You have our vote Anshul 🙂

  5. anurag shukla

    first, kudos to the writer for writing article in swift language. The problem with Mayawati is that she treats Dalits like her personal assets. right to point out, ” power corrupts a man and absolute power corrupts abslutely.”

  6. Anshul Tewari

    Guys, a new news has just arrived that she will soon be celebrating her party’s birthday, and that too in a lavish manner… kudos to her…

  7. Ashweenikumar Singh

    A great letter but i think even if you’re going to post this letter to the house of Elephants,it will not so easy to tame these selfish giants. I think she has selfish goals to become PM.This is the only reason why she is allocating crores of rupees to showcase herself with army of elephants. She wants to gain nation wide attention & support by projecting herself as ‘Czarina Of Dalits’. Divide & rule was policy of Britishers. Dividing UP is not going to solve the problem at all.It will further weaken the Biggest state of India.

    She might have done some good work but still,her greed for power will only make her ‘Street Lights’ powerless.

    The Wheels of time of ‘Express Bihar’ driven by a visionary driver Nitish Kumar is all set to become next ‘Super Fast Express’. The source of Power of this express is its CM(common man). It is the people of Bihar who have voted him.So,we see Bihar changed because thinking of Biharis changed.

    Gandhiji had also said “The world will change only if we change & the future can be as good as we have the courage to make it”. The future of UP today does not lay in the mercy of Ms Mayawati but in the hands of UPtians.

  8. YouthKiAwaaz

    @Ravi: Same here man, even I hope this letter reaches out and does not lie unheard at deaf ears… thanks for the support… cheers!

  9. YouthKiAwaaz

    @ Bell Bajao: Thanks a lot Bell Bajao. I really hope that the masses are awakened this time, if not by this letter then by other like minded people. I have been keeping a track of your work too, hats off to you guys! – Anshul

  10. YouthKiAwaaz

    @ Anurag Shukla: Very true my friend. It does look like she uses her vote bank to win the elections, which is unethical. But can we expect anything else?

  11. suraj

    i must say yar u have dun a great job…. but i also want to add sumthng TO ur letter …..
    as u know on the birthday of mayawati (i thnk 2 yrs before ) she allegedly got an engineer killed just cause he had not paid her extortion money… wats going on with the politicians why they dont understand that they are SPENDING our money,even a rickshaw puller works,but the bloody politicians dnt want to work they think that they are god.




    THANX …

  12. Suvojit

    very well said Anshul, it is indeed a great distress and despair to see people like Mayawati, Laloo are ruling the roost. Taking the name of ‘Dalits’ has become a mere political cannotation to arise that stupid votebank in elections and it is very unfortunate to see that we, common citizens always fall in the trap of such greedy self centred maniacs, it is not the fault of MAyawati but a repeted mistake from ourside that we only from our very own hands drop the vote in favor of candidates like this who throw money of any amount for their self publicity. Moreover it is time that we leave the caste based poilitical practise and think practically to elect a well educated, well aware and public welfare serving ‘Political leader’.

  13. sudhakar jha

    cheers to u fr dis initiaive…….. if a CM of the largest state issues a press release of dis kind then it z a serius matter. if she has crores fr her statue then why she z not lending her helping hand to the families f the victims who were dalits for whom she is (so called) fighting???????

  14. Aditya

    nice post, my vote for IB of the month goes to you. Lets hope Mayawati knows english in order to comprehend your post.

  15. Farila

    Congratulations for winning the contest. I came over to see your winning blogs and I feel you really deserved to win. They are very appropriate for the topic and if I had read them earlier I would have cast my vote for you too…

  16. RAM BABU

    Respected Mayawati ji,

    Please take care the roads of uttar pradesh specially G. T. Road or N. H. 91 from Lucknow to Delhi.

    It is very bad situation.

    please take care of this




    write the letter on a 1000 rupee note it will surely get to the right place……

  18. sai bala

    Lol.. Nice one Dogra!!! Mayavathi rockssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Pratham

    Respected chief Ministress,

    This is an request to you
    that please provide proper electricityy supply to kanpur you aware that kanpur gives the highest revenue to uttar pradesh and the largest and populated city of uttar pradesh
    But these days kanpur faces the 15 to 18hrs of electricity roasting.
    kindly look and do the needfull
    With best Regards !

  20. Sadhogopal Ra,

    What an crisp piece of writing, Chief.

    I only wish that the lady in question reads this and read it well.

    Thank you

  21. Milesh

    Definitely, this article is a strong message of honesty to their nation to all those corrupt and wanted to be corrupt politicians.
    This scams irregularly happens in our country right before us and regularly mostly behind us and we always react like helpless innocent citizens and then we ask, why are we the developing the nation yet??
    You definitely strike at the nerve, Mr.Anshul!

  22. Smriti Suresh

    No. You can thank her for the roads Anshul but I can never in my life be grateful for that road which ends up at a flyover named the MAHAMAYA FLYOVER :-|….angst apart, gud work…long due but nevertheless a job well done ! 🙂

  23. Chetram

    dear mayawati
    i want to meet you but i am a poor person how can meet family living in shekh pur samodha bachhrawan.and i am working with study in delhi BCA.i have some thing for say you but how will be explain about it.

  24. sandeep seth

    i want to say that my stat U.P. every district one office or any place where any person write your problem one letter send then there officer solve his/her problem because my country is democracy but where only election no every person should say himself problem our stat govt . i know that every person’s problem cannot solve but mesorty problem solve them .like balika yojana and any program runing in this time but what do want people .so please our stat make a office or any place where solve every person problem like poor person or rich person.

  25. Jacob

    This clearly shows how upper caste people view the rule by a Dalit lady. I am not sure what does this “Youth ki awaaz” mean but it really seems to be another follower of Rahul Gandhi. I read the complete article and never did I see any work that was done by Mayawati which was hailed. Has the writer really analyzed the work for the BSP government? It seems the writer has been watching a lot of Hindi news channels and got inspired to write on the topics of statues and stampede victims and other things. Its a disgrace to call this letter as Youth ki awaaz only because this is really not from general mass public. Even if all upper castes people condemn her on anything she does, they are aware that the mass still will follow her. And why is that so? cause first time in the history of UP there has been a government which works for the downtrodden. You want to know what is a youth ki awaaz, then go to a village named after dalit leader and meet a dalit there and the confidence he will talk to you is what BSP power. Why because you are from a generation who has got everything ready made, likes to watch foolish news channels and make a view on that. There is a lot of history to this country and you guys need to attend BSP rally to understand it. Lastly about UP development, kindly find couple articles below by S A Aiyar

    Mail me if you want to understand BSP politics, because its something which has never been there in this country and you metro guys will take sometime to understand.

    1. YouthKiAwaaz

      Thanks for the enriching comment Mr. Jacob, but we are right if we say that you are biased towards BSP. The writer has been watching the development in his state and is proud of the roads, what we talk about is the state of the common man in the state. As far as being a follower of Rahul Gandhi is concerned, we would recommend you read the complete website and then comment. This letter is Youth Ki Awaaz, and the masses that you talk about are the ones who are lured into vote bank politics by way of caste-ism. Everyone is well aware of this fact. Yes, we are from a generation that has got everything ready, but please be aware sir that not everyone is as lucky as the generation you quote here. We do not need to attend BSP or any political party’s rallies to understand our country’s history, in fact, we all must get back to our rural areas to understand it. Also, if you call us unfit to be known as Youth Ki Awaaz then we are sure you condemn Tehelka too. all of us can quote links sir. Anyways, thanks for your views.

  26. Anshul 5211

    gr8 job anshul. i respect that u hav widout any fear posted this letter and you are aware of wat is happening in U.P. i m not a resident of u.p. bt i jst wana add smthin that v need to bring the change in the thinking of the people. even wen mayawati wld hav done work dan also she is not secured that she will hav the same followers as of now. most followers of the politicians are not bcoz of the work they hav done bt bcoz of the money thay hav given to b a folower. in my city people are paid to attend politicians speeches and this same is done to get votes. people of allied group do not go to vote and those who go to vote are alredy purchased in money or emotions. what a poor men wants? his thinkin is that the one who will approach him at the time of election and gives him some alms at that time, he ll giv his vote to that person. he knows that evry1 in the nxt 5 yrs is gonna b same. so y to think of these 5 yrs? lets get the little benefit at this time atlst. rich people do nt hav any interest in this as going to vote is a waste of time for them. going to a movie is more appreciable than wasting time in going to voting. these poor purchased people stand in line and do voting. election commissioner says 60% people has voted and hence the elections are successful bt who are these 60% people, i dnt need to mention that. and guess wat these 60% are the last people wen it comes for any work from the govt. in the rest 5 yrs. and the 40% people who evn had nt voted are politicians favourite and even bst frnds!!….. mayawati is doing wrng bcoz v had empowered her to do wrng. v all are d patients who let the disease spread and after it has spread completely and nw its attackin us, v r jst shoutin at the doctor’s fees. so if v wld had stopd the disease at the first place, their wld hav been no dctr.
    politics is the game and politicians are the players. v all are the regulators of the game who hav rules in their hands. bt wen they cheat in this game, the regulators i.e we all. are sleeping. until and unles v open our eye and throw out the cheaters of the game. v cld nvr had good players.

  27. Monishaverma1985

    hi Anshul,
    I read your article and found it quite interesting.i need a favour from you.can you tell me that how can we reach miss mayawati directly to talk about our problems.??My family is in trouble and the local police has turned a deaf ear.I was told that she meets to common people somewhere in lucknow but unable to track the location. Pls help me if you can .you can mail me on
    waiting for your reply.


    1. YouthKiAwaaz

      Hi Monish, let me try and find out the exact details. Till then, please feel
      free to get in touch with me through email. My ID is


    i like Ms.MAYAWATI as she takes bold decision but needs lots of improvement in UTTAR PRADESH.GOOD WISHES for upcoming election.

  29. Sudhir Rangrao more

    I wannt to meet Ms. Mayawatiji so plz rlp me

  30. sara arya

    main kuchh nahi kah sakti par kya main mayawati ji se mil sakti hoon mujhe daliton aur mahilao ke liye kuchh kerna hai par main nahi janti main kaise aur kaha se shuru karu plz give me suggestion and tell how i can meet mayawati ji

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