Blog Like You Will Never Stop

Posted on March 24, 2010

Vandana Radhakrishanan:

The development and growth of internet and new media (as termed by some) is very significant, not just for disseminating information to the masses who are internet-friendly, but most importantly, for conveying and exchanging views about critical issues. At a time, where even our doodh-wala bhaiyas have mobile phones and believe in connecting, social networking sites have emerged as a progressing enterprise for such transmission. In addition to these social networking sites is the ever increasing number of blogs. Even though the number who have access to internet and blogs might be minimal when compared to the entire population, the effect and influence this medium can have is worth appreciating.

A blog can be understood as a simple diary, where one can share one’s views, personal opinions, pictures, and literally, almost everything online and for public viewing (there are also some blogs which can be exclusive to some viewers or entirely private). What makes blogs the most unique of all mediums of the communication is its accessibility to the internet users. Many sites are offering the most simple of techniques to set up one’s own blog.

Blogs now have expanded the topics and issues they cover. Many individual bloggers just don’t blog about their personal experiences, and events, but also use their blogs as a medium to convey their stance about current political problems of concern, to create awareness about social issues that deserve more attention, or to just discuss more about a present topic. Blogs give one the opportunity to express those views which, sometimes, fade away and never could have got the value it deserved. The youth of today is now also, very actively blogging, raising their voices against the unjust and expressing their opinions about all the events that affect them.

So blog…

Blog about the music you love, review the movies you watched, new exciting food recipes you loved, that article in the newspaper which made you think, the political issues of the country that troubles you, the photograph you clicked, to store your most memorable moments — absolutely anything.

Blog to express.

Blog to reflect.

Blog to spread the word.

Blog, because you can, unlike others.

Note from the Founder and Editor-in-chief: Blogs are by far the best medium wherein the urban youth can express themselves. Youth Ki Awaaz itself was started out as a personal blog, and has emerged as a public forum. There are many more examples like and

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