Craze for Internships

Posted on March 31, 2010 in Education

Vasudha Nukala:

It was the aftermath of the Technical fest in the campus of BITS-Pilani. Two holidays were declared for the students to take rest after the hectic schedule of the Tech fest and it was expected that there would be many sleepy, lazy faces all over the campus in those two days. However, there was still some kind of activity prevailing in the campus. People were busy buried in their laptops, making some kind of documents, correcting and re-correcting. A closer look revealed that many students were writing essays about themselves, their vision and their uniqueness contributing to some programs. Then it struck me that many of the deadlines for internship opportunities were fast approaching and people were hurrying to meet the deadlines and get themselves an exciting internship opportunity.

About two years ago, people hardly cared about an internship in India. Now, it has become a revolution. What is an Internship all about? Why the craze for an internship? Why do students want to do an internship for a very short period of 1-2 months? From the student’s perspective, an internship offers everything that a student is looking for. It gives them an exposure to the real industry and work environment. It helps them gain knowledge about the working of a company in general and what are all the necessary functions that are needed by a company. The short duration of an internship is another aspect which pulls students towards it. In a short duration, students find out whether the area they are doing their internship in, is the “one” or not. One to three months are not considered a waste of time if the students are successful in finding out that the area of internship is not the area wherein their interest lies. And finally an internship gives them a good point to add to their resume which the students perceive as very important to obtain a good job.

These aspects of an internship is what made it very popular among students and it is a very good opportunity for a student to understand the working of a company and to get into its details in a very short period. Let’s thank the person who had come up with the innovative idea of an “Internship” which is helping many students across the world to find “THE” job of their their dreams.