Dirty Display of Money

Posted on March 30, 2010

Vasudha Nukala:

Once again the question of how efficient the Indian Government is, comes into question as the Politicians launch into rallies of self promotion. When someone talks about ‘politician’ and ‘self promotion’, the first person which comes to mind is Mayawati. She crossed quite the limits when she got herself garlanded with 1000 rupee notes, twice. Each garland was estimated to be around a few crores each. At one end, the ministers talk about the lack of financial resources and at the other end we find the same politicians themselves wasting money on unnecessary activities.

Despite of all these pointless activities, people seem to be fine with this extravagant display and wastage of money. The party members insist on giving such gifts to Mayawati and as a leader, Mayawati lacks what is called integrity, modesty and compassion for her duty. Why isn’t some action being taken against such leaders? And why don’t the leaders themselves realize that there exist oppressed people and destitute in the society who need their attention and care. Instead of wasting money in such a needless activity, they could have spent this money in making better the situation of many of the people who lie fall under the category of the “Below Poverty Line”.

I call upon the Youth to take the situation in to their hands and revolt against such foolish acts by the Politicians. It is upto the youth to exercise their voting power and elect the right kind of leaders who will do justice to their duty and not use the power for their own benefit. Finally, I would like to reinstate that the Public has a very important role to play in the economic growth of the country and that they should take a stand in such situations.

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.

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