In Search of Happiness

Posted on March 10, 2010 in Society

Ranjeet Kumar:

Our karma are guided and understanding the core purpose of all our initiatives leads to a deeper knowledge about ourselves. There is a single agenda behind every dream, thought, hope and action and that is happiness. It’s different from pleasure which is contingent on time place object and dynamics of nature where as happiness is unconditional with profound sense of serenity, fulfillment and well being. Why then happiness has not touched our being the only reason I can think of is our receptive senses and jacketed heart. The senses drag us in to a competitive living rather than stress free holistic cooperative living, whereas the closed heart does not let any rooms for passion love and creativity to express. Marinating life in happiness is our primary motive where every moment is enjoyed to the fullest.

Aristotle rightly said that happiness belongs to the self sufficient. What I feel is most of our initiatives are incomplete be it our social, professional or personal commitment what is needed is a total round up where every initiative incomplete is not procrastinated any further and completed this is a key to happiness and this is the way to god. Our being is deprived of food and is starving due to endless materialistic rat race and in doing so we have lost touch with ourselves. The sole motive of our action is sense gratification that is programmed by the information overload that our senses receive and brain processes. We are born to be happy and that is the inbuilt default setting of almighty. There exists a strong antivirus within that can remove the Trojan horses of our mental hard disk. It is same as lighting a torch to dispel the deepest darkness. The core purpose is to evolve from sadness to happiness and from happiness to bliss. The happy natural state can only be reached if we learn to live in present. We must understand the power of now and to do this one needs to accept his/her situation in totality without any regrets, accepting is like sawing the seed of happiness. When acceptance is there one is free from past and future and is in tuned to receive the signals of divinity.

In search of happiness we often follow trajectories that make us transiently feel good and once the reason is out the excitement ends. Perpetual happiness is a way of life that is happy without reasons, happy for the sake of happiness, happy for the being. Diving deep in to mental pool one comes to know that the thoughts keep on moving as trailing news in news channels. As such the moment a thing or an act is done as per we desire we get happy but that doesn’t last long. Happiness is a subjective term and may mean different to different individual but the resultant is all the same. The fine interwoven matrix of love on which life rests is a continuous pursuit for happiness. Happiness has an I in the middle standing tall so there is no why in happiness but I in happiness exists. I in happiness mean that it’s not possible to be happy unless I really want happiness to enter my life.

Perpetual happiness is not merely by material gain but by acceptance. Acceptance in hindi translates in to “sweekar” which means if there is sui (nails) in the journey I accept and if there are Car for the ride I accept it too. To sum up the best vitamin to be a happy person is B1 (be one).

The writer is a research scholar by profession working at CDRI Lucknow, a freelancer and poet by passion.