In the land of Incompatible Gods

Posted on March 30, 2010 in YKA Editorials

Rishabh Dev:

While all the secular brigade gets to see is appearances of Mr Modi in front of the SIT as a good omen for justice; no one actually seems to be concerned about the real and root cause behind the riots. India has always been a land of impossible diversity and incompatible gods. What has gone grossly wrong after independence has to be corrected as soon as possible. We may boast of nuclear power , moon missions and IT supermacy, but at the core, the hatred and religious intolerance still looms at large.

The average Hindu as well as the Muslim grow up with a lot of apprehension about each other, in this apparently “secular” country. It is faith in each other that we will have to resurrect and correct the above mentioned apprehensions to become a true superpower. How can a country, at constant tussle with itself, achieve a steady growth rate and reserve its ranks in world order? The average Indian has to be taught the importance of religious tolerance and peaceful co-existence. And in my opinion instead of advertisements about contraception and family planning, we should have a comprehensive advertisement campaign for religious tolerance.

Also, obviously, people like Narendra Modi , Bal Thackrey , Imam Bukhari etc should be brought to justice. But it is because of the ignorance and foolishness of the masses that the seperatist and religious segregationist agendas of these individuals are realize. And it will be of no use to punish or demand justice from these pawns, because the real ghosts live in the very hinterland of India. We have to conquer these particular ghosts and remove that apprehension that threatens to cripple us. Until that happens, Godhra, Gujrat, and other places are bound to repeat themselves in this violent cyclicity, in this land of incompatible gods.