Love at first sight

Posted on March 24, 2010 in Specials

Sandeep Dasika:

Needless to say, the most sought after topic in youth is undoubtedly ‘LOVE’. People seem pretty enthusiastic to speak about love and the magic it can cause to someone. Ultimately every human on this planet craves for love. They want to love and be loved!

There are without doubts many meanings to the word ‘LOVE’. The most common and popular understanding of the word depicts a romantic relationship between two individuals of distinct genders. It evolves between those who are willing to get into a relationship. Keeping that in mind, Love at first sight is probably the most romantic thing that can happen to anybody. Some people are lucky enough to get a taste of it in their adolescence itself, while some belong to the ‘not-so-lucky’ community. So why is it that some people experience love at first sight and others don’t?

It is quite true that love at first sight can happen to anybody at any place at any time. Appearances do, in fact, matter.

Your mood also plays an important role in determining your first love. If you seem to be tired, angry or nervous, your dream girl or boy may pass by without you even glancing back. In fact, if you have ever experienced “first” love, you are actually willing to be in love, which says that you are calm and composed, come whatever may. Nature always conspires to bring two people destined to be in love, close to each other. And yes, some people have experienced this wonderful moment. As soon as they have raised their heads and had their eyes locked with someone else’s, they have instantly known that they were looking at the person of their dreams.

So what does it take to experience love at first sight? According to a recent study, it takes nothing but 8.2 seconds of eye contact to experience love at first sight. If you seem to discover yourself looking at someone for about 8.2 seconds, you are probably another success story, while you are actually less than impressed by the look of the person if you look at the same for not more than 4 seconds.

So, how do you actually know that you have fallen in love? If you are truly in love, you probably can’t live your normal life after experiencing your ‘love at first sight’. You don’t seem to get anything done and your sweetheart’s face comes in your way all the time. You actually miss your love for ages after you bid goodbye even if it’s for a very short time. You can’t stop smiling when your beloved is around. You are always happy and joyful! You suddenly see yourself relating yourself to every love song and love poem you have ever heard of, and can hardly stop visualizing that wonderful moment, that wonderful moment, wherein you met your first love. That’s when you are in love!

I would finally like to end with a famous quote by ROBERT FROST…”love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired”