Manufacturing Growth and Rising India

Posted on March 29, 2010 in Business and Economy

Mohnish Bagree:

Trace back to the days when we had just come out of shackles of British rule and compare it with today; India incontestably, has nurtured and shaped very well in these years. Economically feeble, apprehensive and dubious about how would it synch with rest of the world, the country then, took some resolute decisions because of which today we stand among the best markets of world luring every new venture of corporate world and showing the likelihood of success in almost all the fields ranging from sports to defence, business to science and space. Also the growth is not anymore restricted to a particular gender; instead it penetrates each and every section of the society equally.

The most significant change, and a feeling to be proud of, is how we have managed to change our attitude towards women and learnt to welcome them in every field which we thought hailed to men. These women, who were once considered a property to be kept at home, have now taken a lead and are discussing the nation’s foreign matters, judging the common man’s actions at Supreme level and behaving like a real Goddess Lakshmi at many corporate banks. Nirupama Rao, the Foreign Secretary; Gyan Sudha Misra, the fourth Woman Supreme Court Judge and MD and CEO of ICICI bank, Chanda Kocchar are examples illuminating how women has left past and moving ahead with success. Even at the village level, women are actively taking part in family decisions, are involving themselves vocational activities so as to ensure themselves a source of livelihood other than simply cooking and caring for the home. Indeed, the upliftment of women has helped the society to grow in other fields as well, especially in Education.

If you look at the young minds of India, the drastic change in their stance towards life is noticeable. There was a time when students wanted to get job and settle. They were content with the life they had and never dared to think beyond a humble pay from the job. But today, a child is well aware of his adroit and hence chooses a very dynamic course to settle his career issue. The malleability in the education system also allows students to choose between a wide range of subjects ranging from geography to electronics and law to economics. The consequences are visible, India is rising in the field of science and defence. On one hand, we have people like Venkatraman Ramakrishnan bringing laurels to country for superb Chemistry, while on the other, DRDO is designing some most of the most sophisticated weapons on earth. Successful tests and the resulting induction of the supersonic ‘Brahmos’ by Indian Army and Navy is one example where we stand above many of our contemporaries who still don’t have the technology of a vertical launch.

India has worked hard on building its infrastructure for the last 20 years or so. Though we still lack skyscrapers, their absence is compensated by the biggest rail network in the world and superb road connectivity between the cities. The concept of metro trains has completely rejuvenated the travelling experience. From one passenger train in 1953 to around 9000 passenger trains today, the railways have definitely travelled a long way from steam to electricity. Even the six-eight lane highways have refurbished the face of Indian roads which were once considered as non-paid service to digest food. The expressways have also made the journey faster. The good connectivity has kicked the growth of the business sector too. The Indian corporate sector has taken a new dimension in terms of profit, foreign investments, competency to world market and consumer satisfaction. Many Indian firms have been in the process of takeover of foreign firms. Tata Motors acquiring Jagaur-Land Rover, Bharti-Airtel in process to acquire Zain and many others are examples of sheer knack of Indian executives to hold and successfully turn to their advantage, economically driving situations. Also sports extravaganzas like Indian Premier League and Common Wealth Games, 2010 demonstrate the prosperity we have earned in all these years.

The shifting cognizance has made the youth shift their focus towards politics. Many see it as a tool to bring about a lasting change, a change that could flourish a new society as an outcome of young energy, creativity and enthusiasm. The youth is mature, making them understand that no society can grow without the combined efforts of all the people in the society. It’s not time to differentiate on the basis of caste and religion. Had it been, Dr. Kalam blessing us with missile technology would not have been possible and similarly many innovations would have remained dormant. The wittiness of today’s generation and the wisdom of our guardians make a perfect combination to manufacture growth and provide sufficient thrust to raise nation. All growth depends on activity. There is no development physically or mentally without effort, and effort means work.