Parental Fights: A Trouble For The Young Minds

Posted on March 7, 2010 in Society

Latika Wadhwa:

You are so silly! Ya according to you each and everything in me is wrong, so why don’t you just leave me. This is what irritates me, why don’t you stop fighting atleast for one single day…

These lines, though sound like the ones in the soap operas, are actually the lines that are said by a number of parents today. This kind of scenario where fights between couples occur is not only affecting the peaceful aura of the house but also creating havoc into their young children’s mind.

The modern society which is devoid of social values and customs is responsible for this kind of power structures that are prevailing at the familial level between husbands and wives. It is a kind of huddle to the egalitarian relationship that is required at the moment. When the poor deplorable children see their parents fighting with each other, a very disgusting feelings come into their minds. The child always feels desolate and lonely in the populated world.

There is a sense of grief that creeps deep down into the child’s heart and he experiences a strange kind of fear and danger down into its bosom. The child feels out of place and is not able to confess about it to anyone and slowly and steadily becomes a victim of depression. It is often seen that such children lack mental growth and strength due to the internal pain that they suffer.

Parents do not intend to hurt the child’s mind but the hateful marital bond and the continuous clashes between the parents becomes a reason big enough for the mental disturbance of the child. It is the duty of every parent to provide the child with an atmosphere which is full of joy and pleasure and should never bring an air of hatred to the young ones as these tender minds are not capable of handling the pressure of watching their beloved parents fight like cats and dogs.

The writer is a Features writer at Youth Ki Awaaz