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The Colors in My Eyes: Wenchuan Earthquake

Posted on March 30, 2010 in GlobeScope

Guanzhong Du:

The anniversary of 5·12 Wenchuan earthquake is coming next month.

Two years have passed. However, I can still remember the colors of red, green, orange, white and blue that attracted our sight and shocked our mind in the Wenchuan earthquake.

The colors emerged before us referring to the strong earthquake as follows.

Red–The color of the Chinese national flag, representing warm heartedness and enthusiasm, making us feel deeply for the power of the nation and the people.

Green–The color of life, symbolizing the People’s Liberation Army, as well as the armed police who bravely fought against the disaster at the forefront, rescuing the victims.

Orange–The color of the clothes the rescuers wore. They advanced, restoring hope to the people, despite difficulties that had brought endless hopelessness to everyone in the disaster-stricken area.

White–Our white angels, the doctors, nurses, who tried to cure all of the injuried, and save their lives.

Blue–The color of the tents that were set up after the earthquake. People all over the world made efforts together and donated money or helped in terms of material. It was believed that new towns and villages will come up one by one in the near future.

In the earthquake area, red, orange, white and blue were not just common colors. They represented the love of people all over the world, and showed the light of humanity in China. They portrayed the national spirit of supporting and helping each other.

Each time I see these colors, I feel moved. I see the hope of our nation, which purifies my heart. I’ll try my best to contribute myself to make these colors more beautiful and brighter!

The writer is a China based correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz