The Real Indian Politico

Posted on March 31, 2010 in Politics

Animesh Shrivastava:

These khadi clad leaders are one of the most venerated manifestations in India, since the pre-colonial era. Wherever and whenever he traverses, he is inevitably surrounded by the band of sycophants brimming with unusually high energy to make sure that netaji does not grapple with slightest of slight. A real paradigm of a bonafide demagogue who has got the innate ability to sway even the most tendentious personality by the dint of his glib talking. A voluble marvel indeed ! He is the so called “sole representative” of the plight of millions of wretched, despicable and miserable Indians. He is the one who has been entrusted with the responsiblity to articulate the grievances of depressed Indians. He is the one to whom people look forward to with expectation to ease their burden.

But what does he end up doing? Literally everything wrong. From corruption to murder he is entangled in all kinds of boggy quagmires. Politicians play in millions and the people who select them cannot earn two square meal a day. What an irony! They show the dreams. Mirrored in those dreams, people continue to endure hardship, not unlike reality, which have become intrinsic to his life with unfathomable resilience. They are the kind of cauldron that contains rare but almost all negative talents. Ever since independence, our politicians are embroiled in all kinds of controversies. Even the undoubtable, Jawahar Lal Nehru could not escape the shadow of ignominity because of his hamhandedness in taking on the Kashmir issue or his personal proclivity toward’s Lord Mountbatten’s wife Edwina. Similarly Rajeev Gnadhi’s government was also riddled with the allegation of corruption, flying thick and fast, during the procurement of the Bofors tank.

This was only the tip of iceberg, a precursor to the more glaring events that followed.

Leaders throwing parliamentary norm out of the window have become the usual feature in today’s parliamentary session. Hurling abuses and considering government employees as their own fiefdom have become the most noticeable trait of their character. How can one forget the day of 22nd July, 2008, the black day in the history of independent India, when MPs of a particular party jumped into the well of the house of parliament with wads and wads of money being allegedly offered to them to turn the scale in the favour of a particular party during the trust vote. All the officers from the topmost echelons to the lowest rung dance to the tunes of the whims and fancies of the ministers. Madhukoda, the ex CM of Jharkhand, one of the most impoverished states of India was apprehended following his involvement in the misappropriation of fund to the tune of 4000 crores. The entire budget of Jharkhand is approximately 8000 crores. Shibu Soren, the current CM of Jharkhand, has an umpteen number of corruption cases pending against him and his involvement in the Chirudih massacre. The gruesome murder of his private secretary Shashinath Jha does not need any corroboration. RJD Supremo, Lalu prasad Yadav, was also in the eye of storm for his involvement in the fodder scam worth hundreds of crores. And the travesty is, that the people of Jharkhand and Bihar from which these two stalwarts hail are still gasping for their last breath due to starvation. BJP does not require enemies if it has worthy men like Varun Gandhi, better known for his blood curdling utterances. His gaffe and oblique barb at a particular community just to muster few votes had brought the two different communities at the verge of a head to head confrontation. M.Karunanidhi is ready to sacrifice the prospects of his state at the altar of his family pressure. The list is endless, from Mayawati to Mamta, from CPM to CPI, it goes on.

Petty bickerings and trivial squabble in the parliament fritter away precious time and is the most blatant misuse of a taxpayer’s money. Important legislation hang in the balance for the government’s approval and many projects remain on the cards just because of the antics of our politician’s. All these nonsensical activities eventually only prove to be detrimental to the country’s advancement.

This is not to suggest that I am hellbent on painting the entire political community with the same brush. We even have polticians like Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi and Rajeev Pratap Rudy who have definitely elevated the pedestal of politicians by their sagacious nature. To summarize, “Politicians are the lightning rod of country’s overall progress and development and they must leave their exemplary footprint worth imitation for others, then only will our country be called great India.”

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.