The Small World Celebs and Leaders

Posted on March 4, 2010 in Specials

Shreya Krishnan:

Many a times we feel that the common people around us are same as celebrities or leaders, be it due to their actions, or their behaviour. But what is it that makes them behave and act like celebrities, or leaders, and that too situational in nature? There is something extraordinary about them, or a trait that in these situations. It could be your neighbourhood cleaner to your team-mate to your mother. What makes them behave specially only in certain situations?

There is always a part of us, that excels in something. It is hard to recognize but equally difficult to ignore. What happens when you do something with all your heart, soul and your life into it? It just turns out that the thing you were so passionate about has gained momentum. It is a way by which you exceed your own abilities and limits. You overcome your weaknesses. You surpass all disabilities and unify all energies into a certain form. That is what I mean by a celebrity (not the typical Bollywood one). All of a sudden, the whole world seems to awe you and your work. This happens since the entire world can see your soul in it. There is the purity of work.

Such celebrities are what role models are made of. They are what everyone wants to be. It is easier to ape someone and a lot difficult to be the one who is aped. To be the latter, you have to excel your own abilities and live past your weaknesses. When you converge all that you have into that one thing that matters the most, you are a celebrity in this world. We were all created to be the best in whatever we do. How many of us achieve this, is still a question.

Admire these stars around you and live passionately enough to be a star yourself.

The writer is correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.