Will Indian Politicians ever think about the masses?

Posted on March 30, 2010 in Politics

Shashank Mandil:

The Politics in India was bad, is bad and now most of us are sure that it will be bad. When was the last time that we heard that any political leader did something good for the society? I think to answer this question we would have to research for ages.

Politics in India was and is all about votes and notes. Everyone in Indian Politics care only about enhancing the number of votes in their vote bank by giving notes and then getting those notes back by executing harmful Politics, may the country and the masses have to pay any price for it.

Some Politicians increase their vote bank by creating hate among the people for fellow citizens while certain politicians want to impress their High Command by speaking against or by showing reluctance to be with personality who is an ambassador of a region governed by another party.

Shame on such Politicians and their Politics!

We should really ask our politicians why do they don’t care for the masses? Why do they not concentrate on collaborating and bring down the prices of the basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter? Why do they not focus on decreasing the ever rising socio-economic gap between the poor and the rich?

But before asking such questions to the politicians we must ask one question to ourselves that, what have we done to stop this? What have we done to give back to the society what we have got from it? Have we ever voted for the correct Politician? Many may answer by saying that there are no correct Politicians, they are all the same.

The only solution to this everlasting problem in my view is the participation of literate, responsible youth in Politics. Making people friendly bills and country friendly decisions is not the business of certain illiterate politicians who know nothing but how to pull each other’s chair. Jago Youth Jago!!!!