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A Bona-fide Reverie: Love & Lucidity

Posted on April 8, 2010 in Specials

Supriya Rathi:

One morning she was fast asleep, lost in the world of dreams.

Wait!! This isn’t about a dream but a realization. The realization which came with a beautiful morning. Also it’s so strange that this kind of realization comes every now and then, except in various disguises and with a difference of degrees.

There are two dimensions of this write-up, one being the real life observation and the other being the fantasy of a candid soul.

A dawn that let the rays of glee touch her and with that came the day, which never let the night arrive. Dusk tried to interrupt often yet the day did not seem to give way as it was favored by an ANGEL, a nice person whom she met by co-incidence or you may call it a pre-planned incident. She figured him out to be her angel who came to her rescue from the tangles of sorrow, pain and all the negative vibes around. He waved his magical wand and she saw a dimmed star light up for her, a smile crept across her face. He took her hand and she felt a wave of tranquility enter her veins, she felt warm, for he reassured her that all her wounds would heal with the sands of time. He bestowed upon her love, care, affection, warmth and all the beautiful feelings which she had forgotten for some time. He saw the child in her, eager to express itself and he beamed which melted the walls around the infant and he waited.

Waited for the child to speak, and the girl spoke, spoke her heart out, .and she was so happy, so much so that her happiness knew no bounds. She looked around and all that she sensed was glee, hope and peace.

She always knew that happiness is short lived yet this little angel changed her definition of happiness. She felt as if she would never feel that there are feelings apart from being happy for most part of one’s life. This person with all his simplicity and all his sweetness made her realize that the sleek possibility of people like him being REAL had come true. She could feel whatever she wanted to, say whatever was on her mind, without thinking what way he was going to perceive it, as somewhere deep down she knew he’d not misinterpret (she was wrong at times). Yes, she didn’t want to share him, because he was her angel. She didn’t know what it meant to be perfect but what she knew was he was like a sorcerer’s stone, rare to find and even rarer to have and so he was no less than nearly perfect for that little girl.

If she had to depict the role he played in her life she would say: “He doesn’t play a role in my life, he plays many.”

Her TEACHER -a very sweet, a little strict & no spoon-feeding kind of teacher.

Her Guide -when she was confused & didn’t know where to go.

Her puke-box – (Yes, you heard right, puke not juke!)) -when she had something, anything & everything to tell, which had been on her mind.

Her phone buddy -when she had to stick to the phone for hours n hours talking non-sense.

Her ATM — Any Time anywhere Mate

Her victim-when she felt like suffocating someone.

And if she had to sum it up, her best buddy.

Now comes the twist in the tale and that is : the “HE” is this tale is not a particular person, nor is the “she”. It’s a tale, rather somewhat a fantasy, of every innocent love seeking people, yet it would be wrong to say that it’s just a fantasy. In our lives, at some point of time if we retrospect, we would find that there have been few people around us who fit in the outline of “Him” in this tale. Many people could find “him” in a friend, of course in their beloved, but I took some time to realize that the “him” in my life is not just one person, it’s a mix of a some unnoticed & ‘taken for granted’ people, though I also realized that some of them were just a hallucination. But why talk of those who are not meant to be.

The first being a “her” -my Mother, the best girl friend one can ever fantasize about and the others being “A few good men”, well, not men yet 😉 I am glad that I realized it, even though a little bit late. But as we say-“Better Late than Never!!!”

A very simple thought, but, could traverse a whole world of interpretations.

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.