Alcoholism, A Menace Till We Stand Against It

Posted on April 22, 2010

This article focuses on providing insight on alcohol and alcoholics. Do join us in the comments form below.

Kishore CS:

One of the main problems existing in our society today, is alcoholism.

Basically, Alcoholism can be defined as a condition characterized by a relatively permanent, persistent desire for alcohol for the sake of its anticipated effects upon body and mind. There are many causes which lead to alcoholism, and this is seen prominently in the lower income class of the country. It also exists in the other sections of society, up to a level.

The main causes can be:

Excessive intake of alcoholic beverages, one’s increasing worry over his drinking, loss of the drinker’s control over his own drinking, unhappiness of having a bad status in the social world. An addict is one whose drinking habit causes several problems in one or more areas of his life, for instance, his family relationships, jobs, financial status etc. And in spite of all these problems, he will continue to drink alcohol because his body gets so accustomed to it over a period of time to the presence of alcohol that if its use is stopped suddenly he will develop withdrawal symptoms like tremors, fits etc. Such a state is called physical dependence. Alcohol becomes so central to his thoughts, emotions and activities that he is simply unable to think of anything else. This condition is called psychological dependence. Alcoholic addiction is a disease rather than lack of will power or moral weakness. Unless the person stops drinking, his/her condition will become worse over a period of time.

It is strongly felt that the authorities concerned must act more stringently on the cutting down of supply and distribution of alcohol. There should be active community involvement against drinking. Nationwide prohibition of intoxicating drinks may check smuggling of liquor into the dry areas from the wet areas. Drinking is a social problem and a mere legalistic approach to prohibition is not likely to succeed. Education, persuasion, creation of public opinion and number of other positive measures has to be taken if prohibition were to succeed reasonably. The media portrayal of drinking should be banned. Government should encourage and provide financial help to voluntary social and other non-governmental organizations engaged in de-addiction programmes and prohibition campaigns.

Alcoholics need medical care and medical supervision. A good number of people arrested for crimes like rape, burglary, murder and theft are those who committed them under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol is a major factor in highway accidents. Since alcoholism affects the family members, friends and even the community, it affects millions of people in the country. Drinking reduces one’s operational activities and efficiency to below the minimum level necessary for social existence.

Hence, it is important that immediate steps are taken to prevent further problems in the society caused by this existing evil. Accepting modern culture, is indeed a good thing, pragmatically speaking, but one must filter the bad influences that it holds, and enjoy the fruits of both traditional and modern culture in a well balanced, mature way.

If we give our support for people with drinking problems, we can beat alcoholism.

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