Autonomy of Children

Posted on April 8, 2010 in Society

Sreekanth Thattikota:

My friend was busy with her project. She is a highly dedicated person and that is the reason that I never interrupt her when she is doing any important work. But that day I didn’t know she was doing her project work as usual, I tapped her back. She got angry. “Don’t be childish!” chided me indignantly. Oh! That’s not a big embarrassment, I have the same experience every time with her. I took it easy. But my younger brother observed this conversation, shot back by saying “Why do you people always make regretful remarks towards kids, why do you have strong signs of animosity toward children?. Do you think the activities of children are crappy, rubbish things?” He got into his room. This argument made me think deeper about children. Respect for youngers is equally important as Respect for elders When we were at their age we had also so many dreams, ideas might not be come into reality by so many reasons. What’s behind all of these mistakes?

Children can easily change the world as compared to adults, their cognition, enthusiasm and zeal, innovation and views are superb. The only thing that cripples them is our educational system which still follows the same oldy tricks and methods. They dont really care about the children’s inner sense. One should be a good citizen, an innovator. Apart from our normal subjects we should encourage them to actively participate in various societal programs, make them to learn from their surroundings, make them improve their cognition skills. It’s not a dream, even an awaiting goal or mission but it has already proved by the children. They changed a big city, they made adults to open their eyes, they controlled the traffic and even more. Just follow the below link.

[DESCRIPTION ABOUT THE VIDEO: Kiran Sethi is the founder of a revolutionary new school in India, called The Riverside School. She’s changing the way we think about children, the way they think about themselves and her ideas are contagious! Here are some of the real-time reactions]

What’s the difference between these kids? These are not from the elite schools in India, only they have a good guidance. If we give the necessary resources, not only money, but intangible things like liberty and freedom, they will excel in all the innovations that are being done by the adults. Our illusions are like- if kids are allowed to concentrated on these things, their education will be derailed. Which is just an illusion. Concentrating upon these won’t let them miss quality education. In fact, it will boost their level of confidence.

Mathematics, Physics and Science are important but at the same time one should show off his/her social concerns, leadership qualities and other extra-curricular activities. Which should be inculcated into the YOUNG GENERATION from their childhood.

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.